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One day Disney Channel bought the rights to air some anime shows. They are Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and Fairy Tail. So they basically they bought all the popular shonen animes. They aired these shows during day time hours so that way all the little kids can watch the shows. After one day of airing episodes of these animes parents started to call Disney and said to stop showing the animes or to censor the shows (these parents were obviously from one million moms). Disney then censored these shows by removing Robin and Nami from One Piece and giving all females uniboobs. They also made all the swords and guns into water guns and bibles. In Bleach they removed Orihime and Rangiku because of boobs. Then they made all the zanpuktos into foam swords. They replaced hollows with Atheist and Muslims (one million moms made Disney do this because according to them Atheist and Muslims are of the devil). For Fairy Tail they removed Lucy and Juvia because of boobs and all other remaining females got uniboobs. They then removed all fanservice episodes and replaced those episodes with a 30 minute long rant from Westboro Baptist Church. For Naruto they removed the show because of the sexy jutsu. They replaced this with bible lessons from Westboro Baptist Church (One million moms just loved this).

Because of this all children who watched Disney channel took all the gay, black, Atheist, Jews, Mexicans, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, soldiers and burnt them all to a cross the KKK provided to the Westboro Baptist Church. And then a skeleton pooped out!

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