Doki Doki Ruined My Life

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My life has become a living hell. ALL THANKS TO FOUR FUCKING GIRLS!!

September 21, 2022. I was recommended a game called Doki Doki Literature Club, so I played it. The game is about four bitches named Sayori, a blue-eyed bundle of rain clouds, Yuri, the purple-eyed knife wielding super shy but knows a lot about poetry maiden of mystery, Natsuki (Pronounced Nat-ski) who thinks manga is literature hahaha. And Monika. The most evil video game character in history. Forget the fact that Otto actually killed two fucking people, killing fictional characters is where I draw the line.

So I punched the bitch in the face when she appeared on screen, but then I realized that when I shattered the screen, it created a portal. A portal where the girls would come out of. I put mouse traps just in front of the computer, so when they got out, they’d have a painful greeting. They all screamed bloody murder once they got out. But Monika continued on, thinking I was a new member that wanted to join her literature club. I agreed but because then they’d help me get my dopamine for the week. After the meeting was over, I was trying to take out the trash when I saw Sayori hanging by a rope. Her skin was decomposing, red liquid coming out. Her ribs were exposed. I went to the sewing machine and stitched her back up. She thanked me but that would soon be a mistake as she accidentally moved her head up, which resulted in the needle hitting her eye. She reeled back in pain and fell off the table head-first breaking her neck. I didn’t have the medical skills to help her so I just threw her in the trash. Monika stares at me and asks,

“What the fuck was that!?” I said it was nothing important, and she walked back inside.

The next day, Yuri was on my couch, watching softcore porn. I asked her,

“What’s up!” and she screamed like Courage the Cowardly Dog and shut off the TV. Natsuki came in with her manga in hand.

“Give me the couch, Yuri!” Natsuki demanded.

“Uhm, Natsuki, I have not finished my business here.” Yuri replied. They fought over the couch but things got serious quickly when Yuri pulled out a knife and stabbed Natsuki’s neck. Natsuki put the manga over her neck like it was some fucking bandage, and she fell unconcious. After that, Yuri cried as she thought of what she had done and jumped out the window. She was on the first floor so all she did was cost me a window. Monika tried to put a leash on Yuri like she was a dog, and Yuri bit her like one too. She bit Monika’s arm right off, but she just attached it back like some sort of Lego character. Monika requested to take Yuri to the vet and I drove there. The vet put Yuri down, and me and Monika cried. When we got home, she tried walking up the stairs but she tumbled down and broke all her bones and cracked her head. She was still alive, and I stabbed her. Then I shot myself after saying,

“I have made this.”

“I was the cost.”

“Jesus has abandoned us.”

Just so you know, we’re all ghosts. We met other ghosts who were from Royal Woods, but we tend not to care about them anymore (They replaced some Spongebob reruns, fuck them). I am typing this in my ghost replica of my house. Goodbye :(((((

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