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I can't believe this is true , but it is , tip to you who is reading this don't play enny kind of copy of super mario RPG. Let's just go over to the story. My mom find dads old SNES and she also picked up a copy of super mario RPG , well what do you know i wanted to play emedietly.

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That's when things started got weird , when i started the game 2 marios was in my party but not mario though. He was called . . . Well i tried the this strange character and noticed something. When i was supposed too lose , i won. All the time i used . . . that thing happened , this time i got creeped out couse as i used the other . . . i saw a picture of mario. Crying in blood , i turned off my SNES but the picture of mario was still on the TV , I RANNED TO DAD AND SCREAMED OUT LOUD. Dad was walking to the TV and the picture had changed , it was Luigi  , he had no eyes just black eyes and bloody tears. we turned off the TV. I was scared and i mean REALLY scared i was just 8 at the time.

when i got 10 i remembered the game and wanted to play it. It changed name to luigirevenge.EXE . Things was weird though couse you played as . . .

I could see luigis soul comming from . . . and i saw . . . slowly turn in to a black pool of blood, then into mario. I didn't understand what happened but i was trying to turn off the game but it wouldn't.

but i could destroy the SNES , but i didn't wanna crush my dads old love. So i tried to sell the copy of the game. I made it but when i looked behind me . there was a doll of luigi whit no eyes and blood tears

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