Don't You Touch My Hamburger Buns

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Johnny was walking down the street, with a freshly new bag of hamburger buns

He was all set up, and ready to fire the BBQ

When out of nowhere...

Some random person walked up to him and asked

"Hey. Can I touch your hamburger buns?"

Johnny, in a mid life crisis now because that random guy asked him that question.

Johnny, snapped out of the crisis, and said "Yeah... I don't think so..."

The guy, mad and angry, walked away crying.

Because he really wanted to touch some hamburger buns.

Johnny just shrugged it off, and carried on with his day.

Johnny came to his house, to his loving wife and daughter

With the hamburger buns, in hand, Johnny said "WHO WANTS TO BARBEQUE!"

They all said "MEEEE MEEEE MEEE"

Johnny set up the barbeque

While his family awaited patiently for the hamburgers, the hot dogs, the polish saussage, and the chicken to get done.

Then, when Johnny was done with it all

Getting ready to set up the first hamburger...

The same guy, who wanted to touch his hamburger buns

Went all Samuel L Jackson on his shit

Beating up his family too

He reached over, and touched Johnnys' hamburger buns.


Johnny, and his family (only got minor bruises)

Looked at the hamburger buns and said to themselves...


So, they all did a Hari-Kari, then they died

The End

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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