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You may seep peacfuly but tht is your downfall when it is the witching hour i will sneek into your home as you sleep i will slite your throught and you'll choke and gag hehehehah but before i do i'll tell you my story. I was a 16 year old just got my drivers card anyways i was always picked on i was just a stupid idiot is wat the kid at my school said.   so i guess i overeacted when i punched jack a jock who called me a scum sucking dickwad who should fall in the sewers so i'll smell better than i do right now i ended up nearly killing him i was suspended from school and sent to jail for 5 weeks. When i returned my luck again ran out as the jack and his friend ran up and beat me up punching me kicking me even trying to stab me with pencils and... and i i I KILLED THE FUCKERS I GRABED A PENCIL AND JAMMED IT INTO THE JACKS NEAK.

Then i grabed his friend and smashing him on the ground tull he stoped breathing then i grabed a hammer and smashed it thrue his skull last thing after tht i realised i just snaped hehehehahahahahahah.   Tht was my story ill see you soon if i decide to let you lie i'll let you watch my next story of how i killed so many before you.

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