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This all started about an year ago. I was on my computer playing a sonic game. When a pop up popped up it said download this and win a free sonic generations game if you download this and stupid as I was back then this download change my life for good. When it started download it was fine but when it finished the computer started shacking then when it stop. I went back to the main desktop page and it was covered in blood and there was no files anywhere but there was writing on my desktop it said don't look at it. At this point I was shocked but confused so I look at the download and it had a game it was called. Don't look at it the same as the desktop background this is where things got creepy.

When I loaded up the game it looked weird the quality of the game was mediocre I could hardly see where I was going. After I walked in the game for about 3 minutes. The game when static for about 6 secs and it showed a pop up picture. But because it was so fast I couldn't tell what it was. So I carried on on this game and what I seen was terrifying. I could see a monster ripping out the guts of five people I tried to help them but when I did the monster started attacking me in the game I had no weapons to fight back. So I died I spawned back near the hospital were the monster was and it wasn't there any more. Now I was confused i though to myself " did I actually see that monster rip out those people's guts?" i don't think so. So i carried on when I got to the last level the game started acting weird again it whet static again. But when I came back it had such a scary pop up it flung me of my chair and a bang my head I was in a and e for about 3 weeks and now every time I see a pop up i don't click on it.......

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