Doomguy saves the kid

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one day doom fan was playing the doom and then 3 bullies that love crash bandicoot threw his gba and they wanted to do spin attack but doomguy came

he fisted 1st bully so hard the bully flew to neptune

2nd one went to kill him but when bully punched him the bully skeleton cracked

3rd and most powerful one charged at doomguy

doomguy jumped and then spit on him hard, injuring him

then skeleton popped out at bully eyes

doomguy took a crap on me using billy boy poop machines

it hurts so much but i do it for him

then crash bandicoot came to kill me but doomguy battled him

doomguy stole master chief armor and became indestructible

crash bandicoot was pushed into ground 10000 ft,near earth core

doom is love doom is life

crash is dreck and he will be always

COD is love

COD is life

COD (call of duty)

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