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My name is Marcus, but people usually call me Mark. I'm a casual fellow, tall, skinny, a fairly normal looking guy. But what people don't know about me is that I have a dark secret.... one that no one would otherwise guess.

My Duty

I work as a doctor in a fairly big city. My family moved here from a small town for a change of scenery. From as far as I could remember we've lived there, it was nice and quiet, a very peaceful place in which I miss dearly. Why anyone would want to lose peace and quiet for a big, bustling city I have no idea. But I do know that I hate it here.

We moved here when I was just 13 years old, I went to a new school and got a new house, new neighbors.... it was quite overwhelming for me as I was a shy child. I told my family over and over again that it was too noisy here and I miss our old home, but they didn't care. They left me all alone in our new house to go out gambling, they got drunk often and threw bottles whenever they got angry. It was never like this at our old home. They said it was boring over there. It was a rural area, where we often had to drive miles and miles just to get to a decent grocery store. Of course, it was indeed empty there. But I loved it. I loved the peace and the emptiness. I loved it all.

My mother sent me off to college the second I graduated from high school. I never had a job before, but now was my chance to get one and move back to our old, peaceful home. I had dreams of becoming an animator, I was intrigued by animation and arts. I never would've imagining becoming, say, a doctor. But my mother had different plans for me. She didn't care about my dreams. She wanted me to become a doctor and get tons of money. So she sent me off to medical school, and I had absolutley no say in any of this. The very thought of cutting people open and dealing with needles, blood, organs... it all disgusted me. It made me sick to the core. I hated every bit of college, it was utter torture. But I, just 17 years old, had no say in anything. It was all up to my family, my mother.

I graduated medical school and got a career as a doctor. Just as my mother had always wanted. I took care of patients, operations, births...... all that junk. I was very unhappy and disappointed. But I had no choice. It wasn't up to me what I did or didn't do. It was up to my mother. Oh how I dreaded it all.... I would've done anything to escape from it all.... anything at all. And just as though an angel had descended from above, an old man greeted me kindly one day at work. He spoke of nonsense at first, that of which I barely understood. But then he spoke strange words.... very odd, almost unpleasant words. He asked me, "Wouldn't you like to get away from it all? To go back to the place you are so fond of? Wouldn't you like to escape this realm and enter a new, beautiful world? Then come with me my child, for I have what you so ever been searching for. Just follow my lead and lend me a hand, and it will all be yours again."

Moments of thinking and deep concentration, I agreed. I felt so emotionless after he finished speaking. Almost as if my soul had been drained from me, like I had little to no control over my thoughts or actions. He walked me to a far, unfamiliar place and handed me a round, old-looking object. "This," the man told me, "Is the ancient orb of Doghama. Place it under your pillow tonight and rest be upon you."

I went home with the object in my breifcase. The old man, and everything he had said to me were still fresh in my mind. What exactly did he want me to do with this object? Put it under my pillow while sleeping yeah, but what would that accomplish? What is the point? With so many thoughts and questions stirring in my mind, I wanted nothing more but to sleep at this point. So as the old man had told me, I placed the object under my pillow and went to sleep.

I woke up like any normal morning. I got up at 6:00 AM, put on my robe and my pink bunny slippers, and walked to the bathroom. I was being extra quiet today as I didn't want to disturb my sleeping family. I closed the bathroom door quietly, turned the lights on and grabbed my toothbrush. Looking at the mirror, that's when I saw it. This thing..... this ugly, grotesque figure looking at me. Was this..... me? I reached my hand towards my face and it appeared so. What had become of my once shining, beautiful complextion? Could this have something to do with that object, I wondered? I ran out of the bathroom and lifted up my pillow. It was gone. Whatever that object was, it had dissapeared. Confused, I quickly ran back to the bathroom to see I looked like my usual self again. Weird. Could it have been my imagination, I wonderd? Impossible..... or was it? Regardless, I had work to go back to. Finishing up my daily routine and skin care I got dressed and headed off to work.

My first patient of the day was a nice, old lady. She wanted me to prescribe to her medication that would take care of her consant back aches. While searching for medicine that would help my body froze. A feeling of pure dread and anger rushed through me suddenly. "Is something wrong?" the old woman asked as she headed towards the door. My body was uncontrolable at this point. I ran to the door and blocked her from it. "You aren't going anywhere...." I told her. I used my arm and knocked over the old woman. As she screamed and struggled on the floor, I felt my body changing. Black, slimy tentacles grew from my eyes and mouth. I grabbed the lady and raised her to my face. Thousands of small, sharp teeth descended from my mouth as I shoved the old woman's body down my throat.

The next thing I knew I was in front of the old man. "You did well, my child." he begun, "Keep up that kind of work and soon you shall get all you dreamed of." I looked at him, dazed. Where was I? I was in a dark room full of odd looking sculpteres of people. "Interested in my collection, I see?" The old man gestured for me to get up. "I was a real hunter back in my day. Now I am far too old to move around as I once did, which is where you come along." Hunter? I thought. But the sculptures were all of human beings. He couldn't have killed all these people and turned them into statues.... could he? "You catch on quickly." The old man looked at me and pointed above my shoulder. "There. This is the one you got earlier today." I looked at where his finger pointed. It was the old woman. Except she was.... a stone statue. My body started feeling heavy and I fell unconsious.

When I woke up it appeared to be the next moring. It was 6:00 AM and I was in bed. I looked under my pillow again, still nothing. Confused I looked around the room and saw blood everywhere. Hyper-realistic blood was splattered all over my wall and ceiling.... and even me. I screamed and jumped out of bed. I had no idea what was going on.... but my body starting losing it again. I ran around the room, terrified, unsure, desperate. My body ran where it ran, but my mind was still intact. I fell to the floor, screaming. All of a sudden my body jumped and headed for the window. I lived in an apartment complex 17 stories high,..... it couldn't be that my body was trying to..... could it? My body opened the window and lifting intself onto the ledge. I tried taking control to stop my body from jumping, but to no avail. My body jumped. And splat -- on the sidewalk in heaps of blood.

When I awoke my body was dark, and full of blood. Dead bodies surrounded me. I didn't do this.... did I? I looked up at the sky and back down to me. I had tentacles all over my body. Weird, black, slimy tentacles....

And that is how I was born. Fufufufufu..... I am..... DR. AMAHHGOD!!!!!

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