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Credits to Peter Chimaera

time was in Translyvania in the future year 2010. Many cars were built and they droves across roads made of not dirt but paved technolog.yMicrochips were build onto cars and phones and buildings. I am in one of that building John Bank was spy who worked for american and canadiran governments in secret allibance to stop crime BUt this time, crime was off the schedule. "This is crime phone" he introduced himself into ringing phone "I am John Bank for the secret servicing." The phone rang "-Hello Mr. Bank. I am not Russian spy so you don't have to warry." John Bank laughed at his joke because it was at good one and KGB does not exist anymore yet "how are you doing Jock Denvers?" "I am good my old friend my wife has baked borwnies for your suc essful mission that saved me in russnia." "Thank you wife, Jack. I ham lover of brownies but they are not good to eat all the time without balanced diet." "how is goes your mission where you have to diffuse bombs?" john laughed "I am diffusing them now in the office" bunt it was joke becaused John Bank does not share information with eussians even if they are friendes. every year the Soviet; Union might come back and then it would be danger us to give away secrets. John looked inside his watch because he had computer inside that stores 500 tearabytes of bomb data "JACK I have to go because my mission needs me" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 3 "Very goodsBuit where do I send brownies?" "Put thenm on the mail of special delivery COD because I can pay for it with my government raise. Good bye friend because I must have anactionful hurry" John spranged out of his boomerang chair and walxed his way into action run. Lots of time later, John Bank was not on the streets of hong kong because he was hasted onto the downtown of Translovania. "This city is less advanced" John noticed. "There are only phone booths without internet" John noticed. just then John noticed that the bomb was in another place he tracked it using watch tracking of bombs using its termabytes. "you should be careful John Bank" said Mysterious Spy. "who there? don't waste time" Mysterious Spy pulled out a gun and it was disguised exactly like a briefcase "oh Sjoot" John Bank recognized the briefcase "if my calculation is wrong that is not a briefcase" "Well dome" Mysterious Spy said my name "is Renly Craddock and I am illegal spy for the mystery company" John had not heard of mystery company so he played along with the trick "if that i's true you'are very far from headquarters." "Not true, Mr. Bonk foR you see the headquapters is very close by." "WHat? where is, I demanding?" Mysterious Spy turned on his suspicious "aga. I understand you tries to trick me using just that question!" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 4 "well if you're so smart, it's time for a kick start" and John Bank kicked the ninja for a backflip There wasn't time to make him land, so John ran before he could fall down "we have to find the bromb!" John told a downtown woman as he ran across her "checking transmission This is John Bank. where do I find disarming equipmrent?" Transmission said "John Bank you need to get out because the bomb is detonate all of the people!" "No! How many people die from radius?" "don't understand, John." "why not?" "because," president John McCain told him on his radio, "it's not a radius. We have to evacuate the whole city from its entire diameter!" AUTHORS NOTE IF PRESIDENT IS BARACK OBAMA CHANGE THIS John hurried to government to warn them to evacuate "I am president of Tranlvania" said the government "msr. president if you don't evacuate from the doom, the bomb will go off" "yes we know Mr. Bank and I have it all under contorl" the president of Transylvia reaked over and pressed a button on his seated chair Before all of their eyes, a viewing display became visible "what are we looking at!" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 5 the presiment was wearing a blake cloak and when he stood up he was wearing. "this is a internet video and it as showing realtime of where the bomb is" "Great reliefs" John sighed,,wiping forehead with his eyebrows. when the president wiped his clock over his shoulders he said "it is all under control Mr. Bank and thank you for Amernica and Canada's assistanch for the provectoring of our nation" Something seemed suspicious so John BNak went back to hotel room where he could review his case files. I'll come "too" said chief Michael. "You followed me to mission?" "This is desperate time, Mr. Agent Bank. I help you with all your bombs." Meanwhile the president of Transylvania turnsed out to be Dracula. "How was plan?" talking henchman replied "president Drabula there is 300 more bombs but none of them are in our Transylvania part they are exported to Romania" "Congratulexcelent." Dracula seemed. "we must carry on the plan of the next phase?" that henchman spoked that right away "I am giving permission for the execution" Gulped "Yes, President Drasula." Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 6 CHAPTER TWO John Bank opened his briefcase and found evidence and it was evidence proving that he was a traitor John said "I have to kill you because you traitor!" So he took out his gun and shot the chief . This is a sorry bad thing he thourght but he realimesd there was important matter he had to give attention and then che called authorities on his telphoning but he had to hurry. Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 7 CHAPTER THREE when'd John return from mission?He was gleeted by a hudred missionmen. president of the mission told him "John you haves the making of a great battleship." "Thanks, gentleman but I coulve not do it without a support" Just uddenly there was a greatantic explosioner "OH NO" "look out" "be safe quick!" John said with a catastrophe development the bomb only exploded 13 guys but it was tragic act of terroristing"This have to be connected to my mission. Pull up the mission skim antics." Barry Talvers who is John Bank's partner said "The computer is very damaged but I have pulled up information that the president of Transylvania is Dracula!" "!!!" he sod. "Gentlemen this is meanwhile while Dracula was "finish his phase he told henchman CHAPTER FOUR that he should complete the phase. "John Bank must never find our altimate weapno." Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 8 CHAPTER FOUR John Bank who was promoted to director for his timley action. John Drove int owork in him brand new Cadillac hybrid motorcycle that was powered by a hovercraft. "It uses no emissions" he told the guard who respected his environment choice. when he burstad into the briefing room "WHAT IS THE STATUS?" "director John Bank you have to listen to me we are in any serious problem." "have we found bombs?" "WE HAVE FOUND 300 BOMBS" "this is expasperating! Tell me the betails immurderately" "there is no time for chance. you must head directily to Romnania." "GUEs s I have an apoontnemt with danger" John said while he slept back his hairy. It was time to put a stop to adventure. "not so fat, Director Johgn Bank." "who dares to ?" John demanded. but the answer came from the silent. then he saw that the base was full of dead people "how did they die?" his partner Barry Talvers was only survivor "sir it appears to be poison .nd there must be an inside man" "who could it be i already shot the chief?" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 9 "I dont kow Mr. Bank but it there is no time to find out..y ou have to stop Drackula." "okays but how tdo I disarm a 300 bombs at once?" Barry nooded and frowned with his entire face "you can't do it unless you were magic." "What ares you stopping about? That's is an impossible" "THAT'S IT magic" an secretary brought in. AND John went digging into arcives where he finding a tim machine. Barry was shorked "is that a" John said to tell him "yes it is amarican and cansadian secert that here inside the secret spy service that we have hidden an times machine but you must keep it close to your cards" "So you can go back to stop the bombs"! "Negamive my friend became it is stucks and can only go back to one time beccase thats where the portal is used ALSU if we use it it will be used up." "so we can only use it in the greatest emergency?" "right so I'll go first" and he entered a whirling portal and enteret whirling into medievel kingdom so he could find the legend of chaos magic which is only thing that can stop so many bomps. but the portal closed behing him leaving him standed in a puddle of mug. "OH no great" and his expensive shoes were made as dirty "How am I to disfeat Flacula if I CAN NOT EVEN STAY MY SHOES CLEAN" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 10 CHAPTER FIVE "excuse me!" John told a man but he guy was shock of John Bank's modedn tuxedo which looked wrong for him so John went onmoving until he came to seeing a breastiful maiden. "HALLO LADy I am looking for tavern to sleep my weary face" "you muct look for the green man he has the best tavern of this any city suqare" "OK" And so John founds the tavern but inside it was a man who wroe green "Are you the green man" "Yes so Iam looking for a place to rest" "You can rest here" So John went to a room where he could sleep and plotted out where he could find the cahos magic and was so nervoused that he in order to hide the technology of his watch from prying eyeballs. "It would be dangerecks to show face of vision to see such marvels" Just then a fary looked in his window "Who are you staying here?" "I am John Bank and I am from America" A"merica, where is place sounds unknown like it is a great journey." "It is near here but you have to take a very large boat" The fair yunderstander him but was puzzle. "I am a fariy who will answers you two questions BUT you must not lie" "Thart is a nice try burt you are NOT REALLY FAIRY" and it was only optical illusion from machine that come with hims from the future "Tell me where the chaos magic is!" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 11 "A CHASO MAGIC DOESNT EXIST" said the machine "YOU HAVE WASSTED YUR TIME" and selfdestorked with one greatened explosive. "This was cause a distress" and Jhon tired to sleep but he could net sleep with blown up machine in his room. Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 12 CHAPTER SIX Meanwill a thousands years into a future, Jack Denvers who was Russian friend finds "oh no but where is John Bank?" He was tarped under rocks where Daracul laughened. "I livet for over ten hundred years to build theese bombs and John Bank will never come back to save you because he is trying to fix the bomb plan." "I have to beliefvv he will do it in time and still help me because I am his Russian friend" Dacula laughed again and he didnot beliv that John would save him. But just in case. "Put a guard next to Jack Devers and make sure yuou find out his real name so we can kidnarp his wife" "We already found it is on his package of cookies" told a henchman Korgo "That is lied!" Jack craid "We never put real name" "No but we traked package with our spy in the postal offic so you see you ar doomed" Jack could say nothing but he was upsetted and they put a guard of veloacriraptors that they took from back in time. Back in 1010 John downloaded from the blown up machine to see if it had any data that had not been explod. And the answer was combat "YOU MUST FIGHT THE BAR MAN" "Oh cripes" Jhon gapsed. The man who had a green came at him and pointed his fists for battel. Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 13 "I have to use my training" and John did an uppercut into the green mans big toe. "GOUCH" But the man attacksed him with right away john felt powerful punch into stomach and was forsed to do a backflip. I've "GOT YOU" said the bar man and he did a backflip. John used the backflip to make him to fall over and he fell on bar which broke all the ale "OH NO I OUT OF BUSINESS" John felt badf and said "I will help you build bugness once againk but I must find tehr magic for it for save my people of America. WILL YOU HELP ME" "It seem I must join forces by the way may name is Nathen Norris" So they setted out at first light and came wandering apon a robbers. "Give us our money you have" John only had American and Candian money so he said he did not have so tehy shooted arrows at the green man. "You batter not would hurted him!" Nathen said "No it is okay they missed" but before the sentence was finished Nathen jumper kicked over Johns head and double kicked both their heads together and there was only one robber left. Robber triesed to run away bit Nathen picked uptheri bows and fired a warning shot into the robbers money. "Oh PROBELM" as the moneys all fell onto the ground like many coins John and Nathen laughs and now maney couldt go to the umfortumal. But the umnconsius robbers woek up "where is our leader" Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 14 He "has left you and now you have to tell us where to find the cahos magic" "If we don't tell you anything!" "OK" So they left the robberies tied up so the otherities could justice them uply. They had no ottether clues so Jonh followed a hunch. "Aha" There is a headquarters, Nathen said with his face looking at it. "This must be where Dracula will make the bombs. It is very for future." "Then it is time for the end of meSorry I am have to go old friend" said Nathone "That is all K, Nathen Norris But what will you business?" "That is not to worry, I will making a lot of money for reward of the robber thieves" John Banks said goodbye and your great chrandchildren will one day have an action star. John went into the headquarters but it was quarded by too many vampires. So John Bank thinking quickly. "You have opened the window and melting us" said the vampires and a hundred of them turded to dust. There were only 15 left but still too many for Karate. John Bank had to use clever tactics. One vampire growled at his plan and jumped so John cleared him out the door into the sunslight. "Mistake!" he cried and burstled into ash like a great flaming because vampires cannot sunlight and they don't go sparkly like in that twiflight movie. John brook off a piece of wood from the door and threw it through a vampire but he caught it. Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 15 "That is my only weapon" John kickered a vampire and he accidented into it, getting staked. "If I only had a crossbow THAT'S IT" and john used his laser watch to shoot at a wooden table so it exploted and shot piekes of wood everywhere, sticking in almost all the vampires only two were left. So he took the stake out of one to use it. "Stop him before he kills the vampires" said vampire girl who did backflip but John Bank did a backflip to catched up with her and staked her in the heart before she could backflip. Only one was remained so Jonk did a spin kick into his eye to blind him then cut its head off with a European battleaxe. He searched the headquarters but couldn't find Dracula because he must be out. But he found the bombs and wrecked them into the lake. Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 16 CHAPTER SEVEN 1000 years later Dracula was just ready to do his plan but said "Are you ready to pay the consequenches Jack Denvers?" "No!" And Jack kicked him. "Your kick is too late I WILL DETONITE THE BOBMS WAIT WHERE ARE THEY?" AUTHORN NOTE I INCREALED FONT SIZE BECAUSE DRAMCULA SHOUTED LOUDER BUT IT WAS ALREADY CAYPITALIZED "The bombs dissaparred" Dacula said "This can only be a time paradox" John Bank came in because he cryoganically frozer himself for 1000 years in the lab. Darkula was mad so he got on a motorcycle to escape. and John chased him on his motorcycle but because of environment choice it drived slower so John had to drive smart. After dowing a swerve, John drove faster until Dracula had to do a swerve then he was closer so Dracula pressed button that exploded shurikeninja star shots all over John's everything but his motorcycle had a shield that protected it all except John's leg was cut. John Bank could not heal the injury while motorcycling so he had to make hasty decision and backflipped his motorcycle to crash forwards into Cracula's motorcylce and did a backflip off of it to land on the grass while the velicles crashed. John was wounded and Dracual came over him with big sword. "Any last words, Mr. Bank?" "Yeah because it is my victory speech of America and Canada." John said but it was a trick to make Daculam turn his head and John shot Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 17 him with his security gun licensed to him by the Americar and Candadian govarment. "HAlp that hurt my neck" and Driencula fell backsards onto the hill that made him roll backwards. So John could fire another shot but he needed holy water or a stake so to kill the bad guy who was vampire leader because of justice. He shot a stop sign so it came out and then John stabled Dracuta with the sign in the exact heart. "Blaaaaaaaaaaaaa YOU CANNOT WIN FOREVER" Deckula mashed. "I WILL GET A REVENGE ON YOU GOVBERMENT" and then he fell into a dead body because of John's victory "Now I just needs to examine the evidence." Dracula 2010 Peter Chimaera 18 CHAPTER EIGHT An lot of hours later.... "John Bank you have killed the president of Translavania and the chief so you have broke so many rules of the goverment we have no choice but to be fired." But John Bank didn't care because he saved the world and stopped the bombs and he would still be friends with Jack Denvers who was really called a secret Russian name. Who his name? It is on mysterious so you will have to imagine. John Bank now works at a writer of action spy magazines but he cannot tell the truth because it confimential. Then End!

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