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It all started at Christmas. I got myself a Dragon Quest IX game, I had lost my old one.

It started up compltely normal, but the the title said Dragon Quest DIE. Confuesd, I selteced my character, calling her Kylie. Then I started. Weridly, I already had the strongest armour you can get, all the best weapons, and a full team. I checked them. One was Andrea, a marital artist. The other was Marie, a priest. The last one was Stanley, a mage. I noticed they were the EXACT same team I had on my old game. All of then lvl 990000, which was impossible.

I walked into Angel Falls, the first town. There were no NPC's. I went over to Erin's house (The girl that helps you at the start of the game.)The house looked normal as far as I was concerned, but upstairs Erin's room was drenched in blood. Her grandfather gave my character an icy glare and said "You are too late. Erin is dead. Go home." I walked to the door of her room but her grandfather said ; "Are you sure, Kylie?" a YES/NO optoin appeard. I selected YES.

I wish I haden't.

Ivor (The annoying boy who also helps you at the start of the game) was standing over her body, mourning over her. Whenever I tried to talk to him all it said was "Ivor is too busy." When a pressed A near Erin's body it would say "She is dead." I saved the game and shut it off, 'cause it was nearly 11 at night.

The next day.

I did'nt sleep the other night. I was thinking about the game. I opened my DSi and the game automaticlay came on. I checked my team. There was horrible things on their sprites.

Andrea was tearing the skin off her face with her claws.

Marie's spear was running through her body, and her face was twisted in agony.

The spikes on Stanley's staff were stuck in his head, with the word SUICEDE carved on his chest.

Kylie was on her knees, with her sword going through her back. The words GO and AWAY were carved on her knees.

Some how they managed to walk, but they seemed as if limping. I couldn't control them. They limped towards the top of the waterfall. Then they jumped off the cliff. The screen turned black, with realistic screaming noises, breaking bones and squelching flesh. Then two words appeard on my screen, with my teams corpe's on them:


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