Ducktalia: Hell Powers

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I was surfing the internet for a bootleg copy of Hetalia (because people do that) when I came across an item for sale on fBay (not eBay). It was called Hetalia: Axis Powers Episode 23.5 I mean, 23.6. It arrived in the mail within 2 seconds of me ordering it, which was odd seeing as I don't have a computer. The case looked totally normal, except for the fact that Germany had boobs. I thought it was just a glitch, and put it into my toaster. Instead of bringing up a menu, it just played the episode. Instead of Hetalia, the opening said Ducktalia: Hell Powers. The episode started off with Germany chewing on Japan's ear, and informing him of the horrible ways he was going to rape him. Japan didn't seem to care. This was totally normal for Hetalia, but things started to get weird as Italy came into the room. Instead of his normal face, he had a bill (not like at a restaurant, like the one on a duck). He said quack, and the battle began. Suddenly, it turned into a videogame, and a SNES controller flew into my hand. The game was like Final Fantasy, but lame. I won in two minutes. I played as duck Italy, and grew guns on my feet. Italy breakdanced just like Bayonetta, and shot bullets at them. Germany bleeded out of his butt, and he died. Japan got lazer eyes, and tried to shoot off his duck bill. It didn't work. Italy killed him by using the super suicide knife. The game was over. Then, Italy turned towards the screen and quacked menacingly. Blood came out of his mouth (I mean duck bill), and it turned into a whirlpool that sucked me up. I was in the game! Italy shot at me, and I barely dodged the bullet. I jumped over him, and threw him into the wall. His duckbill broke, and he was nice again. I lived with him forever then. The end.

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