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My friend and I were on the Trollpasta Wiki. She was sharing her desktop for us to read funny stories together.

We were just vibing, reading stories for hours, and she went back to the homepage after we laughed ourselves stupid at this one dumb story that got rejected from Creepypasta for being too shitty. Suddenly, a huge red button appeared that said "Would you like to play a game?"

"What the fuck is this thing?" I remember her saying, and she clicked on it.

Something else popped up... it was EVIL PATRIXXX. He was in a box that said "EVIL PATRIXXX SAYS:"

Evil patrixxx says.png

"EVIL PATRIXXX says??" I said out loud. It sounded so stupid.

"Shh, wait, something's appearing..." my friend said, and then words appeared next to EVIL PATRIXXX. A strange sound played with the text. It sounded just like Patrick Star's voice actor, Bill Fagerbakke, but it seemed like it was AI generated...

"EVIL PATRIXXX Says: Touch your nose!"

Laughing, we both did it, because my friend said she did, and I sort of automatically did it right after. Something else popped up.


I didn't feel like getting up, but my brain made me. I jumped up out of my chair without realizing it.

I asked my friend if she stood up too. She said yes.

"EVIL PATRIXXX Says: Go to the kitchen and get a knife!"

I asked my friend if she was actually going to go, and she said yes, without a trace of sarcasm in her voice. I went to the kitchen too and grabbed a knife. When I got back, something else appeared, and I heard that dumb AI voice.

"EVIL PATRIXXX Says: Do it."

I called my friend's name, but all I heard was a stuttering sound, and a loud bang on the other end of her microphone, and also what sounded like heavy breathing.

I asked if she was okay. No response. The image of EVIL PATRIXXX became sinister, looking almost angry and demonic.

"EVIL PATRIXXX Says: You lose."

Then, I heard my friend laughing. She told me that I was an idiot for thinking that she'd stab herself with a knife. I laughed too, but then I looked down. I had stabbed myself with the knife by accident.

EVIL PATRIXXX smiled at me, with blood coming out of his eyes.

And this... is how I died.........

Written by Meaty
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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