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Hi there. My name is Nina and I am currently 14 years old. Today, I'm gonna talk about one episode called "ASK MYSELF!". Anyways, let's begin.

First of all, I saw a elderly man offering me a DVD called "Elinor Wonders Why: ASK MYSELF!". "Ugh, WTF?" I said. "I decided to go to my room, turn on the TV, and open the DVD. I inserted it on my DVD player. My younger brother Bill was there. "I wonder what it's like." She said.

The DVD then began, but with at least 3 promos, then an FBI warning. The DVD menu showed up normal, but distorted sound effects replaced the intro. I pressed play, then you know what happens. the intro was normal, but the entire theme song was replaced by slowed-down music. "Weird, huh?" Bill said.

The intro was over, and it showed Ari being bored while Elinor and Olive were cutting their skin with scalpels and removing some pieces of the skin. "I don't wanna remove my skin! I have long to live!" He said. He thought, but suddenly, he has an idea. "I KNOW, I WILL TAKE SOME BLOOD FROM A NEARBY PEDESTRIAN!" He shouted.

"How the hell are you being so weird?" I reacted. "Do you have some blood?" He asked. "Sure, take some." He said. He then took a cup of blood, causing him to be insane. "Hey!, he's acting insane!" Olive said. Elinor then saw Ari biting a tree. "WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE AN PRIMATE EATING TREE GUMS?" The pedestrian screamed. "Ask myself."

He said. Ari then closed his eyes and opened back to reveal them, now bloodshot with his fur being messy. He then clawed him in his chest 43 times, causing him to die instantly. "That's what you get for!" Ari said, having such a savage victory. He then stole all his blood and ran away with Elinor and Olive. He ended up in school. When they came in here, the teacher was here, except that it was some generic cartoon teacher that was a hamster. "Now, what do you all want here?" She said.

"Ask myself, AGAIN!" He said, clawing her in the arms and face and his blood that he stole. He threw the blood into her eyes, causing her eyes to burn before dying. He then clawed her 43 times on her head, causing her to die instantly. "WHY ARI, WHY!" Olive said before Ari turned to her and bit her like a dog toy, with blood slowly spewing out of the wounds and then she died from blood loss. Elinor looked at him and said "STOP IT BEFORE I AM RUNNING AWAY!" before she ran away but Ari reached to her and sliced her head clean with his claws, instantly killing her.

After that, a time card appeared saying "15 years later". When the time card faded away, it was a shot of the normal forest setting, with a messy, bloody and insane Ari sobbing in a tree, Ari then turns his head to the camera and then pounces to the camera. Then the credits came, but with low-quality images of dead bats, rabbits and elephants, with even complete with a dead body of a hamster with a bloody scratch on the head. "THIS IS THE WORST EPISODE EVER!" I said. Later on, I destroyed the disc with a hammer from the garage as my brother Bill threw the remants into the trash. "That should teach that elder a lesson!" I said alongside with Bill.

"That's my story."

Credited to XenoBlade331

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