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I always liked checking my emails during my years of parties and school. I was quite the social butterfly. It was a constant thing, part of my everday schedule. I usually had three to four emails a day on a daily basis, not including IM's and spam. One day, however, that all seemed to change. Walking home, I saw some police cruisers outside my friends house, so I decided to go see what was up. My friend Derrik was sitting on his porch while the police seemed to be doing something with his parents. "Derrik? What's going on?" I yelled from outside the gates of his house. I was fearing of what i might hear next. "I got a threatening email, and apparently someone found a way to find my address, name, phone number, everything from just emailing me retarded chains and shit." He said. "Damn.." I muttered. I went home after saying goodbye, and went straight to my laptop. Logging in, I had 17 new emails, all from from blocked addresses. The part that weirded me out was that they were all 'Stupid chains.' I deleted them all, and stayed online. At 1:42 AM, I received a new one. Here's what it said; Hello, Jessica. I knew you were reading these. I want to say you have a VERY lovely home. Thank you. I called the cops. He still came, and he easily killed me. He pulled my innards, stabbed my eyes out, and made me an ugly sight. The next thing I remember was hell.

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