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Stupid, useless, hindrance, just some of the nicknames the my classmates tell me just to ridiule me all the time, but there's a specific nickname that my "friends" tell to me that it's Erik the staver, but why with "v" instead of "b" in staber, well the other teens seem to like it more because it look more "badass" and because they thought it would frustate me because i was a very smat teen back in school and also had perfect grammar (one stupid reason, you know) , and why the word "staver" instead of "murdurer" or "killer" thats because one day i came to school with my favorite sweter covered in red blood paint, and the rumors spead.

I'm a 15 year old boy that has black hair, two pearcings in each ear, in the left ear both pearcings are conected by a thin chain and I always wears its favorite blue sweter and light blue pants and finally red glowy eyes.

As I told you I was bullied in school and i was very isolated, back in there i let all my frustrations by reading lots of creepypastas but one day i got tired of that so i started to cut myselfe in the wirst and by that point things were worse.

when I got back to school all met a really beautiful girl name Ambar, at first sight I thought it was going to bully me to because she was the same height as me, she had black hair lake my with a braid that was two colors, pink a side, and black the other and she had very beautiful green eyes, but when it was science class i needed to do a project with her, but there was a problem...the chemicals could pass the gown and while we were doing the project a chemical fell into my gown but it fell in my wrist were my cuts were, so I took off the gown showing my cuts to her.

Ambar one week later Ambar and I were eating lunch when suddenlly a bunch of bullies came where we were sitting, one of them named michael just threw a punch at me without reason, when suddenlly, Ambar pushed me away causing her to receive the punch straight to her face, the bullies ran away and when I went to see Ambar she had i huge bruise on her cheek, so I took her as fats as possible to the nursery and in that time I saw that I am very strong and fast.

in the nursery Ambar was bleading like crazy, I couldn't handle it... I took a knife that the cooker dropped and went where michael was fortunately in the boys bathroom so it was easier to me to acomplish what I went to. At first i couldn't but a voice in me told me -KILL HIM, HE HURTED YOUR ONLY FRIEND YOU DUMBASS!- so I did it I killed Michael in the boy bathroom, stabing him 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!, and even more times to get sure that stupid bitch was dead!

when i came back to the nuersery without my sweter one, the nurse told me that Ambar was at home and the nurse gave me her address. I went to her home as fast as I could with the knife in my hand, at her house I saw a pink room and I assumed it was her room, so i climed up and knocked at her window as many times as I could only waiting her to hear me and wake up.

after a few times knocking at her window she finally woke up and heard me, she asked me -what are you doing at my home?- I kept quiet for a few seconds, and my dilated pupils i rose the bloody knife and told her -I got rid of him, as i sign of our friendship- I started laughing, she got scared and whipped the window in front of me. I kept knocking at her window until she opened the window again, and i told her -have you ever wanted to get rid of those people that are just clogs in youre life? well...- she just stared at me and told me -maybe, maybe not, i'm just so confused- I entered her room through the window and rapped her with my arms -this is your chance, just stay with me and you will do whatever you want...- i offered her my knife... and she took it and when she took the knife she told me -YES! I want to get rid of all those...CLOGS! - -hehehe- I laughed.

after that i told her that with her beautifulness she could catch "prays" and when they bite the hook I ATTACK!. We kept this concempt for a long time. at first our first targets were those who bullied me... and their final words they heard from me were "that empty slot of madness!"

After a finishing killing all the bullies that bothered me, Ambar an I just killed for fun.

One day I walked into Ambar and i told her our next victim but she told me - I'm tired of this shit!, it's just me involucrating me in you OWN problems, Can't you...- -argh, you are some noisy bitch you know?- i cut her neck off -if you don't want to help me then i'll just do it myself- -augh..augh- -whats that? are you chocking on me? HA! I love those people, the ones who suffer!!!- I saw her body fall to the floor -how useless of a bitch you are...- I threw my bloody knife to her dead body and went back to my home.

at that night i started to see thosse green eyes of Ambar in front of me and all the victims i killed and all of them started to spin around me screaming "THAT EMPTY SLOT OF MADNESS, THAT EMPTY SLOT OF MADNESS!" when suddenlly my knife appeared on my sheets...I couldn't control myselfe i took my own bloody knife and shove it in my chest, I started to vomit blood all over my bed and in my last second of life i saw myself stabing me like I did with all those people.

Finally my soul it's on the streets of the U.S.A. causing all those unexplained deaths that happen making that the last words all those people hear are

"that empty slot of madness..."

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