Every Anime Ever in One

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So one day Ash Ketchum picked up a death note and used it to kill his rival Gary who he should've named Douche, but then L noticed and was like, "Pikachu, I choose you!"

And then instead of a Pikachu, the Shinigami Ryuk was sent out and then Ryuk kicked his ass but Yuno showed up and wrote Ryuk's name in the super death note and he died and then Kirito used dig to come up from the ground and tore Yuno in half with his sword and then L was being all weird and shit and everyone else got scared also so they all had a massive fight and then Pico showed up and got in on it too and then Light showed up and wrote Ryuk's name in the life note and then he came back and they were like, "What the fuck?" So they left

And then they all killed each other and then Luffy showed up and caught up to Light and Ryuk and ate them and then Goku showed up kahmehameha'd the world to death and then Lawrd Death showed up and killed Goku and then pooped himself for an eternity in outer space.

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