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HEY, LISTEN! Before you start celebrating the so-called holiday, Christmas, watch me do a story that uses all Creepypasta Cliche you can add! Enjoy, and remember to be insane have fun reading!

The Story

I know you're not going to believe this. I used to be a skeptic, but I seen the numbers 6, 13, and 666 before. There was a killer in the streets and I believe it's over. But then, he is back as a ghost, and creepy shit happened. This actually happened to me! Listen, this isn't a creepypasta, it really happened! You have to believe me, or you won't believe this. I killed my family members for no reason, with gore splattered on the walls, oh and don't look behind you. (you look behind you) The person reading this story: Huh, I thought so. (Back to Story) YOU DARE BRING LIGHT TO THIS CREEPY PICTURE??? YOUR NEXT!!!!! Don't read this or you WILL be cursed. I swear to god. I downloaded a file called "Supersuicide.avi" and somone has HYPER REALISTIC EYES!!!EMPTY SOCKETS!!!!AND BLEEDING EYES!!!TOTALLY REALSTIC! And then Smiledog, Jeff, Zalgo, and Slendy breaks into my house and used Nightmare! Someone PLEASE USE DREAM EATER!!! ? uses Dream Eater! YAY I AM SAVED!!! Anyway, I heard that Cleverbot is Paranormal, so I checked Cleverbot and I said BEN DROWNED and Cleverbot says YOUR NEXT!!! (oh no i used that cliche again...) Then someone waked up in a lab, and later in a EXPERIMENT CHAMBER!!! I'm sooooooo shocked. And the narrator of this story maybe: 1. Evil. 2. Possessed. And 3. A Ghost.



When I read the newspaper, it said "NO ESCAPE". Then I visited www.donottouchori'llkillyou.com, then raw footage of MURDUR, TORTURE, AND VIOLENT ATTACKS ARE SHOWN!!! And then the computer blue screened, and restarted. Then the footage appeared as my desktop wallpaper, and I can't get rid of it. HELP MEEEEE!!!!!!!! I'm going to die soon because of this. I don't even have time to write this! Ived met with other Jeffs before, and you probably didnt noticed.


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