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pigs r scary but i love dem

I got a game. But it blew up. So then I bought a pig. I later taught him to dance. Then someone turned it into a Gif who cares though. But den, i got another pig. dis pig was evil. i am on pigs side though because i love pigs. but he fot i like bacon so he try to kill me. he threw nife at my face but it missed B-cuz he has hooves. he want to hurt me but i dont want to hurt him because pigs are awesome and will someday take over humans, so i respect and love dem. but den da evil pig ran up to me and bit my leg off until it bit my leg OFF. den i cried. den i threw up and the evil pig got disgusted and went away for a while. den good dancepig showed up and used a magical healing dance on me and i was fine. i needed to tame dis evil pig, sinse dere was no way to defeet it. so me and Dancepig went to find Evilpig. First we must find my ipod do, because Dancepig can only use fightdancing when he has music. But Evilpig stole it so we needed to find a temporery weppon. fer sum reson dere was a Pig-Translator in my pocket.

Dancepig: lol english, use da gun!

Meh: okays

so den we chased da Evilpig with a gun and i shot him ,but since he is so powerful he was only slowed down, so i quickly retrieved my Ipod and begin playing caramelldanson and Dancepig started to fly as he danced. But den the Evilpig started to dance. I didnt even teach him to dance

Meh: oh noes the dancing is combatting our dancing!

Dancepig: im an awesome dancer

Evilpig:im an awesomer dancer lol

den the dancing began to become more epic, so epic that disco balls began to appear and lazers blasted through the air. and den Dancepig danced a lazer into Evilpig, and he was blasted back down den i looked to see if he was still evil and it was a taming lazer so he was good. den patrixx was all like "wait dis cannot be sweet ending"

Meh: yes it can

Patrixx: no



Meh: dis is my trollpasti so iz over good


Meh: too late iz over.

Written by BananaPig‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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