Family Guy: Stewie's Death

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A screenshot of the episode.

Remember those series 1-3 episodes of Family Guy that we all enjoy? Well, a lost episode has been found from one of those series. One day, I was on my computer searching for episodes of Family Guy when I came across a result for Family Guy on a website named I clicked on it and I downloaded it. When it was done downloading, I clicked on the folder and there was every series of Family Guy in the folder. Not bothering to watch series 4 and onwards, I clicked on series 1 and started watching.

A wave of nostalgia overtook me as I was watching. A few hours had passed and I was about to go to bed when I found a episode named "Stewie's Death". I didn't remember seeing this episode before so being curious, I clicked on it. It began with the normal Family Guy intro. After the intro ended, it went into a scene of Stewie inventing a vaporiser. When he was done inventing it, Stewie said to his teddy bear Rupert "And now the moment you've been waiting for.". Stewie then showed Rupert his vaporiser as he said "The ultimate vaporizer.".

Stewie then went downstairs to the front room where the Griffin family was talking with the vaporiser saying "Guys, look! I've invented the ultimate vaporiser!". "Okay, but play outside." Lois said. "Alright, mom!" Stewie said as he ran outside. It showed Stewie shooting the vaporiser while saying "Take that!" several times. He then heard a sound of a car driving as he said "Uh-oh.". He tried to run but it was too late. It then cut to the Griffin family talking when suddenly, they heard something being ran over.

Chris said "What was that?". Peter said "I'll go check outside.". Peter then went outside and gasped as he saw a horrifying sight. Stewie was on the ground dead, with his head exploded. Blood and brain matter was everywhere. Peter whispered "Oh my god.". Peter then went inside carrying Stewie as the Lois said "What happened to Stewie?". Peter said "He's dead." as the Griffin family gasped. It then showed a memorial dedicated to Stewie, with the Griffin family crying. Brian then came up to Stewie's headstone as he said "Goodbye, my best friend.".

The Griffin family then left as it showed the headstone which said "R.I.P. Stewie Griffin". After that, the episode ended.

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