Familyguy.LULUL: Part 1

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Author's note: this entire trollpasta was created as a 100 follower special on a Peter griffin parody account I had. Alright, back to the pasta.

it was a rainy night, and i was a massive family guy fanatic.

i loved family guy, every inch of my room had family guy stuff. plushies, posters, and i even made myself a widescreen wall-mounted brian griffin tv. (it functioned pretty well too) so... i was browsing e-bay for more family guy stuff. like portraits or dvds or anything... and... suddenly... i saw... a peculiar product in my searches...

It was Called...

"Familyguy.exe The Griffins Die."

the griffins were such a good family, how could they possibly die?! this dvd was as horrendous as the fact peter griffin is not currently in fortnite. but... i was interested and i purchased the dvd for 666 dollars and 66 cents. (Expensive) i thought to myself "damn, that was so expensive!!! this tape- i mean dvd better be good... otherwise ill find the creator seller guy and drop my family guy nuclear warhead on them!" and then, about 30 seconds after i purchased, it arrived...

i thought to myself "woah, that arrived so fast! unusually fast... oh well." and i opened the box it was in. the dvd was in a case in the box that had blood all over it and megs head cut off!! (good riddance nobody liked meg LOL xD) i took the dvd out the case and it ALSO had blood on it! i used paper towel to clean the dvd. so, after i cleaned the dvd, i popped it into my dvd player and the regrets began... it started off with the family intro but distorted, darker, and slower... and in the gold-suit dancing scene you could say meg being beheaded on the big staircase! (LOL XD TAKE THAT MEG) the episode started and for some reason the sky was red! this was weird, could skies even become red?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! i never saw a red sky in family guy! but i shrugged it off and continued watching the episode. it shown the griffins house and inside the family was normal on the couch but for some reason, my favourite character (peter) was nowhere in sight! this was odd, he was the star of the show! meg was also gone, but a few seconds after that... meg came downstairs with a glock and said "im so, SO tired of you guys! you all bully me and make fun of me and hit me and punch me and bully me! im gonna get my revenge now!" after she was done saying her L bozo level speech she shot brian with the glock. blood splattered all over the griffins house and stewie griffin said "MEG WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU STUPID UGLY PIG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" meg responded with "IM GETTING MY REVENGE, STEWIE. YOU ALL BULLY ME AND HURT ME AND IM TIRED OF IT!!!!!! IM GONNA KILL YOU ALL NOW!" meg tried to shoot stewie and missed! (HAHA MEG! LOSER! GET GOOD!) and she shot lois. blood splattered all over the griffins house (again) and chris said "meg! you cant do this! this is more bad then the fact peter griffin hasnt been added into fortnite yet!" but meg shot chris and even more blood came into the griffins house. but stewie was also shot!

luckily he had drank a chug jug and used a medkit prior so his full health and shield let him survive. stewie said "NICE TRY, BITCH!" and pulled out an LMG and continuously shot meg with it, (supposedly) killing her.

stewie then said "what the hell happened?! why did the pig meg shoot everyone?! how is this possible?! pigs dont get revenge... either way im happy shes dead. dumb pig. She’s more useless then aqua man." but in the next frame meg came back and snapped stewies neck. saying "whos the pig now, football?" however from the shadows a bigger, taller, more slender peter comes to choke meg, he then throws meg to the ground, scratches her eyes out and rips her head off. (HAHA MEG XD)

the peter-like creature then said, "shut up, meg." the dvd then took itself out of the dvd player. i peed my pants and took out the dvd and smashed it. i shall never search for suspicious family guy dvds on ebay ever again... i was still a family guy fan also xD haha meg. I should also note that I dropped my family guy nuclear warhead on the seller and accidentally started a big war.

thanks for reading! I hate myself.

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