Fat Vampire vs. Retro Lightbulb: Sc@ry Sims 3 Storee

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This one day I was playing Sims 3 and? my cat was sitting next to me. But? I don't have a cat. BUT THEN WHO WAS PETCO? Anyway, I was a [censored to protect Nickolodean from hate] and we usually get to find out WHAT IS LOVE before Night at the Roxbury airs.? We saw this episode of Assbob Wetpants and he had sex with Sandy and it was hyperrealistic. Back to the real story. I was playing and my character was a fat arse. Then he got bit by a vampire and skeletons popped out and then I diedfdjfjdifj, but I would like to say I love Kool Aidfjdkfdf

To save you, read the first words of these things/words/other stuff

Pans are cool.

Octopuses are friendly.

Ocarina of time was a boring game.

Because it's Legend of Zelda and those games sucked.

U must die.

Ted was a great movie.

This is the end.


Then, I was dead. Do you know why? Let me tell you a story.

In a small land, there lived dwarves. Dwarven women do not exist, so they all died later. Well, they were really good at mining and then they were mining and then they found gold and Jeff popped out of it and murdered them with a soccer ball while he was wearing a leotard with a turtleneck and Justin Bieber music was playing. "Dad, there is no Jeffs." "Shut up, son." *Door opens, then closes* "BUT ONE DAY THEY SHALL RISE AGAIN."? "Dad, are you f*cking yourself again?" "YES."

Inspired by a Game of Dwarves, which can be bought on Steam.

Seacrest Out.

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