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Hello i am alec miller what i am

about to tell you is 100% true :( .....im haunted
i was playing team fortress 2..until i got a message on steam from my friend nick.He said dude i need your help!,i said ok dude chill out what do you need.He said i tried a glitch and some text is popping up on my team fortress 2.I said ok whats the text,he said it keeps saying fgtyu.I said what!?,my friend replied you have to equip the baseball bat and equip the bonk juice and download this link in your dlc.I said ok bro chill ill check it out and he said.......nick help me.what the fuck i said whos nick?anyway i did the glitch and team fortress 2 played normally.But when it went into mann vs machine a loud screach said help me nick!!!.i jumped out of my seat! i yelled what the hell! than i ignored it and played as the heavy only heavys name was nick.i said....ok this is weird so i just kept playing and the other players were not moving i typed in the chat box and said,umm hello! lets play.someone replied and said nick said that we cant and i said what is this nick? and than evreyone was typing fgtyu and kept saying nick said fgtyu and a scary face popped up and said dont do this again! in a demonic voice!i went to my friends house as my friends mom gave me a cookie shes a nice woman.I said hi mr and mrs niskinen they said oh hello alec i said is bobby here and she said yes......hes playing with a nice kid named nick

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