Final Fantasy: Mix (of Death)

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My friend, who called himself Darkchu616, enjoyed 3 things: Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and making video games. So we talked for a while. "Soooo... Darkchu? Finished that "Final Fantasy: Mix" game yet?" I asked on a chat site. "Well, yes. I'll send to you by tomorrow." he replied. "Wow!" I thought. I'll be the first to play this new game!!!" The next day, I had received the disc and put it in my computer. The game had come with a headset that said:"PUT ON FOR BEST EXPERIENCE!". Well, the first part skipped to a 1st person view and a girl at the guild said "...", which after I received a Lv. 1 Soldier named "CoLiN". The girl said then "DaRK, Do what you can do. I'm rootin' for ya!" He looked like a normal Soldier class Hume, but he had these strange, empty eyes.

At the first mission, I had to assassinate King Leo from "Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King". CoLiN took King Leo out in only 1 hit, and Leo screamed. I heard the blasting shriek through my headphones. Then, as time went on, more gore, shrieks, and assassinations went on. A few missions, though, I got a break and someone asked me to gather foodstuffs, which was not a real break, since the mushrooms were bloody. By mission #15, I had still yet to see DaRK, but CoLiN was crying blood and eyes pitch black with red centers, still a level 1. This tormented me because I treated him so well, even for his grotesque looks. The Final Mission was to shatter the Dark Crystal from My Life as a Darklord. Mira stood in my way, but was no trouble at all with the 1-hitter CoLiN. Now he grinned evilly as he tore her apart, eating her organs. I shuddered.

By the time CoLiN finished his meal the Dark Crystal tuned to a Light one. Then, as he neared toward the Crystal, guess who came out? DaRK, or the warrior from the original Final Fantasy, as I named him. We engaged in a battle with NES graphics, playing my favorite song, Death Waltz in an 8-bit fashion. Finally, a fair fight! CoLiN fought, and when DaRK was brutally beaten, he suddenly collapsed. CoLiN then said, "This is YOUR Final Fantasy, DaRK!!!"

But dark did not scream. The game just entered a loop with CoLiN laughing. The day after, I was ready to vent my anger on Darkchu616...

...but he was not there. He never even had been archived as a past user. He just...vanished.

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