Five Nights At Freddy's: Silver Edition

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"Menu screen"
"Menu screen"

Hi, I'm Ludwig; and I played, a forgotten and unknown Five Nights at Freddy's game.

It was during the time around the hype for "Five Nights at Freddy's 3", and I had the idea of replaying the first 2 games; so, I did in under 2 weeks. One morning; after having done this challenge, I noticed a strange game in my Steam library. A strange "3rd" FNaF game named: "Five Nights at Freddy's: Silver Edition". I'd ponder to myself thinking; "This isn't Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and neither could it be". After some thinking; I would have decided to boot up the game and play it.

Upon startup, the game would load up a warning screen; warning the player, that the game was "extremely hard, and cursed; and that it's advised that you playing to quit now". "This has to be a joke", I said in response; as I'd had not believed in stupid shit like this, it would be like if you were reading a creepypasta. Soon, the screen would fade away; as then, the menu screen would appear, within a flash of static on the screen. The title would of course say the game's name in question, as Golden Freddy would be on the menu screen. "Why is Golden Freddy on the menu screen?", I had thought to myself, as for a character like him; it would be odd for him to be the title screen character.

There would be only 2 options; "New Game", and "Continue". I of course; chose, "Continue" since at the time I hadn't played the game yet. A newspaper would fade onto the screen; telling about the FNaF 1 location, reopening once more with new improvements. And with that, the newspaper faded; and little did I know, I'd made; the dumbest choice I would ever make in my life.

Night 1

The game would begin as the "Night 1" title card would appear; as it would then soon, fade. The game would start, and I would be in what appeared to be the FNaF 1 office; doors, lights, everything from that game. The gameplay would be very much the same as that original game, except the kitchen camera would be viewable; revealing Golden Freddy was inside the kitchen. Also the audio button from FNaF 3; would be in this game strangely, although since FNaF 3 was still on its way to be released at the time; I didn't know what this button function was but I will say that gladly, the button wasn't needed for this night, as only Bonnie and Chica was active. The FNaF 1 crew looked the same, except their fur color was a much darker tone, and their eyes were empty-pitch black sockets, for eyes. They would also have very little damage on their suits, however, the phone guy who called himself "Hank"; stated these as the result of the building being abandoned for years since it closed at the end of the last game. Hank then goes on to say the reason that we (the player) are here, is because Fazbear Inc.; does not want anymore breaking in, and stealing things. So it's our job to make sure, nothing is broken; I would also want to note that this is only one of 2 phone calls, the game has. Anyways, Hank then explains the fact the animatronics at weird at night, and all that stuff. And the game is at this point, simply just FNaF 1; except 2 things. 1st, Bonnie and Chica for night 1: are extremely active, and would require the player to pay close attention to them both. 2nd, the power drains fast as hell; to the point I ran out of power, resulting in me dying to Golden Freddy. So, I would restart the night, skip the phone call, and play the game to the best of my ability. Beating the night, and leading to one last thing about the game. Each night lasts from "12:00 AM" to "9:00 AM". This was different for its time, but for this game; it's bullshit. Don't believe me, keep reading this story.

Night 2

So night 2 begins, and Hank explains 2 new mechanics in this last phone call; The audio mechanic to deal with Golden Freddy: Golden Freddy works basically like Springtrap, but the doors do stop him; except the fact he waits at the doors for an opening to get inside. So the audio is used to lure him away from any of you're nearby doors, so you don't waste too much power or let him get inside, while you deal with the other animatronics. It is pretty much what makes this game from hard, to a nightmare. With that, I am glad to say, that Foxy in this game simply works like Bonnie and Chica, except he moves faster than them; and is a lot more aggressive, as he also can go to either door. The only thing else to note here is that Bonnie and Chica are more active than the last night; so nothing much.

Night 3

On night 3, Freddy becomes active; and the worst part is, he works exactly like he did in FNaF 1, as it was hell trying to keep up with Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy; while trying to keep Golden Freddy and Freddy at bay, I did as much as I could to proceed though this night; luckily I would get it on my first try, I would take a quick water break before returning to the game after this.

Night 4

Night 4 of this game, was one of the worst experiences of my life; as I died, over, over, over, over, over, and over a fucking again, and again, and again, and again. I hated every attempt I made on this night; the closer I got, the more I kept dying near the end. But despite all the pain, agony, and suffering I had gone through trying to bed this damn night. I did it... and I felt like garbage; like, pure abuse shit. But despite all that hell, I decided to keep on; as I was somewhat determined to beat this strange game.


Night 5 started; as the dread built within me, I had an Idea. I went ahead and attempted to do the CD+ skip; so I could skip the night as I dreaded what the hell it would be like to play. But instead of skipping past the night, I was greeted by a "Silver bear" within my office: who would then jump at me. It not only crashed by game; but, deleted my entire save file. Stripping me of all my progress. All gone, stripped because of some damn fucking silver bear appearing to kill me; for trying to cheat. At that moment I was too pissed, and done with this game; especially having got so far after that painful 4th night. And so, I called it quits; and turned off my PC. Little did I know, this was a bad idea.

"The Silver Bear"


During the next several weeks, after attempting to beat that dreadful game; I would be plagued by nightmares of the "silver bear". This kept hunting me, taunting me as if I am a source loser for not being his shitty game. Like if I was someone to laugh at, night after night; I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to see this- this bear in my dreams; but yet when I tried to sleep, it came back, it always kept coming back. At that point; I knew what I had, what I must do. I had to beat that damn game, so I could rid myself of this god for shaken nightmare, the curse!

Night 5

I'd would return to the game, and speedrun nights 1-4 the best I could; reaching, the dreaded 5th night of this hell-spawn of a game. As the night card popped into view and faded; my dread built up within me, as I could hear the Silver bear's taunts, and laughs in my mind; as sweet ran down my butt cheeks into my ass crack. I would have goose-bumbs across myself; as I started playing through the night. Oh, it was hard, a nightmare no, it was pure uncontained hell. But despite every careful move I made, to counter every action the animatronics did. I did it, I would have beaten the night. As the 9:00 am screen appeared; with a music box version of "What Does the Fox Say?", began to play. Streams of tears ran down my face; as I cried joy while screaming "I'M FREE, I'M FREE!". But everything faded, as the menu loaded up with my 1st start.... it would reveal a custom night option. But instead of fear, sadness, or anger; I was instead hit with this feeling, that I knew what I had to do. As I would proceed my way toward the custom night menu; and set all of them on 20.

The endgame

I would begin night 6, as I'd proceed to use everything I learned from each of the past 5 nights; to develop a way to beat this night, as I'd used the skills I had gained on this game to go against all the animatronics, at there hardest difficulty. I'd done all I could, and after what felt like an entire day I would finally finish the game. Beating its 20/20/20/20/20 mode. Upon beating this mode; I knew, I was free from this hellish game; I had to be. and so once it loaded up on the menu with my 2nd star; I'd exited the game making sure it saved, and turned off my PC; as I'd relaxed myself. But then I'd hear a laugh...the silver bears laugh . . . then . . . I heard . . . a knock . . . at.. the . . . door. As I am currently writing this, I don't have enough time before they find me. Here are some images I had left, I must go; there is no hope for me now. If you find this game anywhere; don't play it, I am warning you. You don't want to end up like a shitty creepypasta protagonist, do ya?

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