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One stormy night Melissa and her two friends Christopher and Carly were at her house. There was no power, They had very few candles and the strom is showing no sign of stopping. They were telling ghost stories and Christopher just finished telling a story about how a military soldier who got killed. Then he haunted and killed the person who killed him and their friends. "I have one," Carly said.

"Sure, go ahead," Melissa said.

"Ok, Once, there was this girl, she was 13 years old and had no friends. Everyone was calling her ugly and fat. She had enough of it one day so she literally screamed at whoever called her ugly that day. Well that didn't work because they called her a fat ugly spaz. She wouldn't put up with it any more. So one day, she decided to hang herself, but she came back and killed everyone she could. Nobody knows how the people died, police just found their lifeless body laying around random places. And the thing is, this story is true."

"That's crazy," Christopher said. then all of the sudden everyone heard a big bang. Melissa's eyes were as wide as a beer bottle cap. We kept hearing thumping. It sounded like someone walking upstairs. Then suddenly a really ugly girl came through the door and looked Christopher in the eyes. she was so fugly Christopher rolled over and died.

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