Gameboy Advance Sp Cobalt 666

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You have to believe me. Alright, I got bored of today's games, a while back. I decided, after a long while, i'd get this cobalt colored gameboy advanced and play pokemon games like fire red. It was a great idea. It was not trust me. Hopefully you can spread the message. I turned my GBA on after I had ordered a japanese import of Fire Red pocket monsters and it was going great. My cobalt colored Shiny GBA. How proud I was to finally relive my childhood. Then, the import changed into the english language, yet the pokemon were still from the japanese pokemon game. Probably a glitch. I thought. That was dumb because there is no such glitch. Anyway, I had an easy time getting shinies with the Masuda Method. I traded them off and got lots of things. Yes, I did. Finally, the game glitched out. I was walking into an invisible wall. Then a man from behind me told me to return the game. i didn't because the game called me a little bitch and iniaitied battle with my blastoise who was called Dominator because he had the best stats and max health for a level 100 and he defeated him in one blow. Then the old man turned out to be OrangeKnight! (I do anonymously browse Wikipedias mhmhm, that Pokemon Orange was my first encounter with terrible pokepasta.) He then ranted about how his Pokemon Orange was better and he gave back the game when he asked for it. Suddenly, Satan appeared and ripped OrangeKnight's head off and ate his pokemen. Then he started saying 666 13 6 jason freddy and Billy go to 666 hell satans gaze.  Then, Tatl from Majora's Mask asked for the Fire Red back. So I didn't give it back, because it came from Japan which is over 1000 miles away and even if I flew there I didn't know where he lived. I erased the save data after transporting my shinies over to other games, and then they exploded into LOTS OF BLOD WHENEVER I TRANSPORTED THEM TO ANOTHER GAME

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