Games Will Take Your Life

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Hi, my name is Dan. The story that follows I had no part in I did not write it I'm not in it. All I am is a person that wanted the story out there. Believe it or not this is the story of what I can only call the arcade game. I fond this story on a 2mb SD card in a Chinese puzzle box that I fond in the basement of a house that I just moved in to. The story was the only thing on the SD card other than an empty file that is named "IT'S GONE!!!" so from this point on it will be the story.

Where should I start this event is hunting my mind so I will start where it started. I lived in a small town in MO the town's name is Marshfield. It was just me and my dad I was just 13 years old I'm now 18 and this will be the only time I will bring that event up for the rest of my life however, long or short it will be. My name is Jacob the 3rd I have the same name as my dad and grandpa did.

It was an early Wednesday morning dad , and I had gotten up to go to a local storage Acton. My dad owned a thrift store , and we would go to Acton like this from time to time to get new inventory. We where the last people to get there it was just us and 4 or 5 other people. There where 3 units to bid on the first one wasn't any thing we needed just car parts. The second one is the one we won , and we did not go to the 3rd one.

In this Acton, we did not get to see the inside of the units it was just bid and hope that you got something good. So when we won the second unit we just wanted to open it right then we did not go to the 3rd unit. Oh well we did not have any more money to spend on another unit any way. We only had $1,000 , and we spent it all on unit 2. We had to cut off 1 big chain and 5 different locks to get in it.

When we got it open both of us where thinking that we had got the best unit ever. Because it was stacked floor to ceiling with boxes or, so it looked. There was some boxes with a letter some with a ! On them, and somewhere blank. In order from top left to the bottom right, they looked like this ilty fe! !maul I!se a!gwkleor. When we finally started to move the boxes we where disappointed they where all filled with papers that sated the same thing "LEAVE IT ALONE". It was then that we got a bad feeling.

Besides the boxes, there was only 4 things in the unit. A table on the table was a little wood box. Then there was what I was so happy to see an old arcade game. It was all black without any marking or anything to tell us what game it was. My dad was not to happy with a closer look I knew why. The last thing was a weird-looking axe with a hard rubber handle and what looked like a copper blade. The axe head cut the cord to the arcade game and was stuck in the ground.

the game was useless with the power cord cut , but I looked at the back and flipped the on the switch and the game came on right a way. My dad said that it was not possible , but it was working fine. The best that we could think was the axe blade was still touching the cord where it was cut , so it was completing the circuit.

When it came on, the screen was a blood-red after a few minutes black lines started ate the top of the screen and slowly slid down it. All of the sudden it flashed we saw some words but they where to fast to read and then a new screen popped up , and it was Pacman.

We played the game for a little but dad did not want to break it with it not being plugged in right and the power going throw the axe. So we flipped it off and pulled out the axe confirming the cord being cut through one end free. The other still plugged it to the only power outlet in the room. We loaded all the stuff up and set off to a local arcade game repair man just 50 or so miles away from us in Springfield.

After getting lost for an hour, we pulled in the parking lot of the repair man's shop. We got out of the truck and went in side. He was a middle-aged man in his late 40s and there where arcade games all over , so we knew that we had come to the right place. He and my dad talked for a little then we went out to see the game. We then unloaded it , and he looked at it closely he asked a few questions that we did not know the answer to Like how made it, when was it made, and what happened to it?

He then said, "Lets take it in side."

We got it in the shop he asked for the key to open it , but we did not have it. So he got out a drill and got it open in no time and to his surprise the inside was not what he expected it to be.

All the CPUs and GPUs looked like new but even stranger was that there where more than it needed and he did not recognize them. There was a wireless internet receiver in it which should not be there for there is no reason for it to connect to the internet.

So he said, "Let me fix the power cord and see what it does."

It took him maybe a half hour to fix it which was not bad at all. We then plugged it in and flipped the on the switch and it came right on , but this time it was not Pacman it was asteroids and there was no way to change the game.

So he had me play as he watched the in side to see if it was all working and it did. So we said thank you paid the man and went home. We got home and unloaded the stuff we got the table, axe, and the game went in the basement. I liked the wood box and dad let me have it. Then I went to my room and sat on my bed. Looking at the box I noticed that the top had 4 wheels that you can turn. I didn't realize the box was locked before , and you can only open it when you turn the wheels to the right spot.

After messing with the box for a few hours, it clicked , and it opened in it was a gb SD card. I put it in my computer , and there was only 1 file named:


Thinking it was a joke I opened it then it started a downloaded to my computer. I tried to stop it , but there was nothing I could do. I let it finish and when it was done my computer screen change to a blood-red. Then black lines ran down my screen just like it did on the arcade game.

It starred to flash "GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!" over and over the words got bigger and bigger. I was scared it would not respond to anything I did so I pulled out the power cord. I then when to find my dad he was in the basement playing the arcade game but this time it was jump man.

I told him about what happen he did not believe me. He told me not to make up story's. Then he looked at me , and I know it was not him talking to me. It was the game his eyes where the same color as the blood-red screens. When he looked a way from the game he fell to the ground he was just laying there.

I ran up stares to the phone it was dead I hung it up and tried again , but this time there was a voice on the line it was so familiar. It was my dads voice it just repeated the same thing over and over:




It got louder and deeper it was like a demon.

I dropped the phone and ran to my room plugged in my computer turned it on , but it stared to flash from the blood-red screen to the words, "GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!"

To Pacman to asteroids and then to Jumpman. , But each time it flashed it changed a little the colors the seen of the games got more gory in Pacman when it ate a dot it would say:


In asteroids, the ship would shot at things that looked like my head , and when they blow up blood would splatter. In Jumpman DK was laying there dead with the princess's head in his hand and Jumpman was hitting himself in the head with his hammer.

I ran out of my room screaming. I was heading to the front door but then I saw my dad standing there with the blood red eyes. He came at me and he just keep saying "GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!". The only thing I could do is run down to the basement and lock the door behind me. Then I looked over and I saw the arcade game powered on there on the screen was my dads face.

It was sad , and he was crying a text box popped up it said, "Please help me son kill my body and set me free."

I cried, "No I can't you're not my dad he is up stares."

Again a text box popped up and it said:

"No it is me in here, not out there." I was quiet a text box pop up again this time it said:

"Kill it with the axe fast it hearts in here."

I said, "fine."

I grabbed the axe moved the table in between the door so his body could not get me. I opened the door with an extension cord we had and his body came walking in saying the same thing.


He jumped over the table as he was going to land I swung the axe at him and hit him in the head. I heard a cracking sound and then blood poured from his head down to the axe handle.

As I screamed at what I did a text box popped up on the game it said, "You did what I told you to your now a murderer you killed you dad good job. The cops are on the way to keep playing kill the cops when they get here to stop playing kill your self."

I sat there scared thinking what did I do then I got up and said, "No, I will stop playing but by my rules," I took the axe went behind the game and swung it as hard as I could it went right through the cord and got barred the axe in the wood floor.

The games screen flashed one more time it said, "GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!" but this time it continued to say, "LOOK WHAT I DID TO YOU!"

The cops showed up at the door just after that I did not answer the door they broke it down. They fond me in the basement covered in blood and my dad dead they asked me what happened and the only thing I could say was, "GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!" and I pointed to the arcade game.

They arrested me checked the house for clues me still only able to say, "GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!"

After 2 years in jail and 3 years in a mental facility, they still do not know what happen in that house. They never got my prints off the axe because of the hard rubber handle , so they left it where it was.

My dad had plenty of money and paid off the house long ago. It was now my house I went in then I went straight down to the basement where it all happened. There sitting in the corner was the arcade game the game that took my life.

Where should I end this event is hunting my mind so I will end where it ended. I plan to put it back in storage set up just like it was. I will pay it as long as I can , but it will be in someone else hands at some point. Only with a new wood box, I have grown attached to this one. I will hide my story in it and put it in the basement for the person who moves in to the house next to find and revel my story. Have fun. If you where wondering what ilty fe! !maul I!se a!gwkleor was it took me years to figure that out lets see if you can.

Credited to Mccoyforest

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