George Washington is a spooky ghost

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so u guys, when george washington died, he bacame a spooky ghost. he also had SPIDER MINIONZ!!!1 he was so evile that he ate da world and everyone died even the president! so spaceville nuked ghost washington (BEST PUN EVER LAWL) but he lived!!!1 so he summoned spoidors that went all over spaceville and KILLED TEH MAYOR OF SPACE!!!!!!11117!!!! but suddenleh, space unicorn nd starcatfish came frum sapce and duelled ghost washington but they died!!!!!!!!!1111

suddenleh form teh depths o' sapce, SPACE AUSTRALIA!!!!111 they called teh sapce ghostbusors and they duelled ghost washington and won so earth was back in place and everyone was alive again so they called Orkin Pest Control and they duelled the spoidas and won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

so then there was this big party that was THIS BIG ----------------------------! and there was bacon nutella and mexican coke for everyone even ghost washington so then they all went home and played black ops until something else happened.


can Orkin Pest Control defeat SPIDERFUCKINGZILLA!?

coming when I want it to

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