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(Warning: The following program may not be suitable for young viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.)

GodzillaFan1 started off as a simple guy. From small town musician, to the Trollpasta Wiki Admin he is now, we have documented his life.

His entry into music, as well as the life we know him in today, began with a simple stick back 1972, when he tied a string to two sticks and tightened it. He strummed on the string repetitively, until he managed to achieve rhythm.

Then, at age 7, his father died in a car crash, leaving only his trusted guitar. Godzilla took this as a sign, and began to play. With his skills going up, he ensured his own path to fame.

In 1983, when he was 16 years old, he founded the EVIL PATRIXXX's with The Rake, his best friend since childhood. The band made it to the Grand Stage with their hit single, "THIS CREEPYPASTA SUCKS." The band was composed of Godzilla, the guitarist, Slenderman, the bassist, The Rake, the drummer, and Fatal Disease, the vocalist.

The band successfully published their first album in 1984, and began their world tour.

The band won the hearts of millions with songs such as "Deletion Log Refugees", "The Ballad of PATRIXX," and "WTF IS THIS SHIT."

But then, tragedy struck. Known for his hard partying, The Rake died from a cocaine overdose in 1986, just after the release of the band's second album: "This CD is a Trollpasta."

(Fatal Disease, Vocalist, EVIL PATRIXXX's (ret.))

"Yeah. It was a big shot to the heart of the band. We tried to get him off of it, but it just didn't happen."

The band was devastated, but with the family's blessing, they started a search for a new drummer.

In 1987, they found one. His name was Shrek.

Shrek was also a party-hard. He was commonly known for his catchphrases, "Shrek is love. Shrek is life," "It ain't ogre, til it's ogre" and a variety of others.

With Shrek now on their drums, the band released their third album, "Zel-DUH" in 1988. They continued to capture millions of fans.

However, the band's fame began to fall. In 1990, Slenderman was arrested and charged with murder. He managed to escape the charges with the help of his band mates, who claimed to be with him at the time of the incident.

However, the fans were not so forgetful. The band lost fame, and constantly received death threats. Finally, in 1992, Slenderman left the band in an emotional goodbye.

(Shrek, Drummer, EVIL PATRIXXX's (ret.))

"Slenderman was an AWESOME bassist. But one day, we were hanging out in the swamp, and he comes in and announces he's leaving. He said that it was fer our own good."

The band made the decision to finish out their years without a bassist. They released a final album, "SQUIDWARDZ ZUIZIDE," in 1995, redeeming themselves to their fans.

They said their final emotional goodbyes, and the band went their separate ways.

(Fatal Disease, Vocalist, EVIL PATRIXXX's (ret.))

"We didn't really have a choice. The band was running low on funds, and though we loved doing it, we had spent our entire lives touring around playing these songs. You have to admit, we were getting old. It was hardcore, the way we went out, but we had to go."

Godzilla, now left without a job, was contacted by BEN Drowned Studios in 2000. They offered him a job he couldn't refuse: His own reality TV show.

(BEN Drownedman, BEN Drowned Studios (founder))

"The band had broken up. But they had gotten back on track; they were a big hit again. We couldn't turn down such an opportunity, and it really benefited him as well."

In 2001, the first episode of "GodzillaFan's Garbage" aired on the Pasta Network. It was a big hit.

He was living the big life. With no restrictions on him, and enough money to buy anything he wanted, Godzilla began a long and hard streak of partying, drinking, and drug abuse.

Until 2004, that is. In 2004, he was arrested for a third DUI, when his car collided with that of well-known Crappypasta Superstar, Jeff the Killer. Jeff was forgiving; but the justice system was not.

Much to the disdain of his fans, his show was cancelled, and Godzilla was sentenced to five years in Creepypasta Wiki Prison.

There, however, he reunited with the ex-drummer of his band, Shrek.

(Shrek, Drummer, EVIL PATRIXXX's (ret.))

"They brought him in and I was "WAT are YOU doin' here?" and he says to me "Well, I'm in here for about 5 years, so yeah." I looked at him and was like "Wat?" and he says "DUI, bro. DUI.""

Shrek and Godzilla were well known throughout the prison. The other inmates would often ask for their autographs, signatures, souvenirs, and etc.

3 years into Godzilla's sentence, Shrek was released. Godzilla saw him off. Sometime afterward, Shrek went off to join the Nine Inch Nails. The two have had no contact since.

In 2009, Godzilla was released from prison. With no money, no job, and a virtually hopeless situation, he was forced to contact his bandmate, Fatal Disease who was, and currently is, working as an administrator for the Trollpasta Wiki.

(Fatal Disease, Trollpasta Wiki Administrator)

"What could I say? I'm forgiving. I said I would help him under the condition he dropped all the shit that landed him in prison in the first place. He agreed, said he would do it."

Fatal landed Godzilla a job in the wiki, working as a rollback. From there, Godzilla worked his way up to administrator himself in 2012, and took a second job in the RCaDC on the Spinpasta Wiki in 2013. Since then, his life has been much better off.

Godzilla claims to be tired of the hardcore and partying lives, and spends a majority of his time off work sitting at home playing his Nintendo products.

So what lessons do we learn from Godzilla? Is this a story of redemption, a tale of what not to do, or the results of an everlasting teenage fame? Should we continue to judge our lives based on the lives of celebrities? I'm Smile Dog, and this is the conclusion of GodzillaFan1 – The Rise and Fall of Godzilla.

(Note: The information of this program may not be accurate. Cite at your own risks. This was written and produced because Princess Callie was bored as hell.)

Credited to Princess Callie 

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