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Going Medieval was a television special in which this one guy suddenly grows an interest in medieval times and goes to live it himself, while also teaching the viewers about it. In the special, he goes to different places to assist in building a castle, preparing an old-time dinner, goes hunting, attacks a castle, gives the viewers information on armor, the knights' code of honor, how clothes were colored and so much more. But before the Going Medieval we may or may not have seen, there was a much darker version.

A very long time ago, like last Tuesday or something, I bought a new laptop and it had a video file on it, titled "Going MediEVIL". So, of course, I watched it.

It started with the guy talking about the tavern he was in. "The taverns were a place people went to find food, lighting and death," he said before his eyes became red and the tavern caught on fire.

Then, it showed the scene in which he assisted in preparing a medieval dinner. After the dinner was ready, everybody consumed it except him and he watched everyone die.

"You see, sometimes back in medieval times, people would poison the foods of others to get them out of the way," he said showing a bottle of poison to the camera. His eyes became red again.

Then, it cut to the scene in which they were talking about medieval medicines.

"Now, the medieval people blieved that there were these thingies that kept your body healthy and such. Shit, piss, blood, and death. They believed that by putting live leeches on people, it would keep these things in balance," another guy said, placing a live leech on the guy's arm.

"Leeches were known to drain the life out of a person. So you see here, you just placed a live leech on me," the guy said. His eyes became red once more, he stared at the screen for several minutes with an evil angry face and then he died.

The video ended there.

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