Good and bad tails doll

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hi I have a story to tell you. One day me and my friend (who we will call T .) went to get the mail and we found sonic gems EPIC i said lets play some Sonic R. After unlocking the tails doll i played with him and won 1st place every time! and then evil tails doll ( you will see why we call him that) came out of the TV. T pissed his pants in fear while evil tails doll chased us in the bathroom and then we ran into good tails doll. I'm not evil it said but him he pointed to the tails doll with blood dripping from its mouth he is evil. T craped himself and I HAD to rofl at the sight of him smsah the TV the good tails doll said. Or i could just turn it off i said. Alright fine said the good tails doll lets go when we got there evil tails doll jumped blocking our way and I grabed his arms pushing hin into the TV I will be back it said. when my Mom and Dad got home i told them the story and they said good tails doll can stay. and thats my story so long everyone! (this is my first time making a creepypasta so please don't hate :3.)

Credited to Theuglydollsket

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