Goodbye, SpongeBob SquarePants.

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A satire of a Horrible Troll Pasta. Read the original here.

Hello people. Most of you might not've known this, or even believe this story. From my point of view, it's true to me. I used to be a skeptic as well. I believe that reality is a lie from what point of view you are looking at. You can not tell the truth or the lies, because you weren't part of this problem.

So, to start off this problem, I was in my bedroom. My mirror showed something. My clock was not set right. It was set to 13:666. A creepy little girl also was in the mirror. She was, just smiling. Nothing else. Afterwards, a humanoid skeletal structure has revealed itself, and disemboweled her body. To get things off of my head, I said "Okay, I am done with this. I'm going to go outside now."

I went outside, and I looked upwards. The sky, has changed into a very odd color, which was the color of blood (Obviously Red).

Then, I kept walking until I found a yard sale. It was selling old games, like Super Mario 64, Earthbound, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. I picked up the Pokemon one. I asked the person to sell it, but the person said. "I must warn you, this copy of Pokemon is haunted. The person who made this game but satanic powers in it, and killed himself after finishing." But then, I realized that I didn't care. He wouldn't let me buy it, so I punched him in the gut, and left him $7.

When I got home, I put my copy of Pokemon in my Gameboy Slot, and started playing it. The intro of the video game was quite odd itself. The screen showed Adolf Hitler, giving a speech to his army soldiers, and Nazis, coming out of their concentration camp. It looked extremely humanoid. And also, the Lavender Town theme was playing in an endless loop in the clip. I thought it was okay, because it was possibly a secret.

Then, the Minecraft legend Herobrine has showed up in my Gameboy Screen. He said my name. I didn't type or tell the game or system what my real name is. Scary.

I still kept playing my game, trying to live my Nostalgia child moments, until Unown was shown in the GameBoy screen. I translated the game's text. It said... "Look behind you." I tried not to, but since the game told me to, I did. The girl that was previously disemboweled by the humanoid skeletal structure. But, she was more different. She had a suit on, was really tall, and is actually, a man. He stood there, looking at me.

6 Months Later

He's gone. I lost my memory of him. I'll try to read back my story to think about what happened before, but whatever. I went back to playing the game, but first, I had to take a break (The game won't let me pause it for an unknown reason). Someone on YouTube Personal Messaged me and said that I can hack the Haunted Pokemon Game, with some sort of object I can't describe. Without reason, I did try to hack it. I didn't even know what to do. Characters from around the island told me these quotes...

"Turn back..."

"...Don't go to Lavender Town..."

I then went to a kid. He said: "Ben Drowned." I didn't know what that means. I was unsure to find out what Ben Drowned was. Possibly a Creepypasta quote. I then left Lavender Town, because it gave me thoughts to kill myself. Then, someone came in and challenged me to a Pokemon Battle. We fought with these mutated creatures, who obviously didn't look like Pokemon at all. Mine won, and his was sunken into the ground. I then took his money, and his copy of Roblox with him. The game immediately deleted itself without questioning. I couldn't get it back.

To get my mind off of things, I decided to watch some Television. But before that, I went back to the computer, and some one PM'D me a file called "supersuicidespongemouse.AVI". Using my downloading skills and my Video File to TV Converter Program, I got to watch it on my TV. It was a lost episode of Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, called "Goodbye, *My Name Here* SquarePants." I was shocked.

Violence was swarmed everywhere in the episode, including Blood, Gore, a Soviet Gulag, and other stuff that was not meant for kids to watch. Then, a girl in the episode killed herself right in the TV screen. I also found out that some people & interns also committed suicide as well, after watching the episode.

Afterwards, the humanoid skeletal structure that disemboweled the little girl came back again, and killed me.

The end.

By the way, anyone who reads this is next.

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