Gordon Shamsey

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Author's note: my uncle is a congress man so if you fucking don't credit me when making a vid I will send the poleace after you!

It was a dank day in my hood when I was chillin with my boys, solid snake (the old one from mgs4) the fucking robot from rocky 4 and Wayne Rooney when I got a knock on my door.

I quickly ran to the door in 2.00076 seconds and say him... Gordon Shamsey, he was like Gordon Ramsey but 7 feet tall and wore black robes instead of his hyper realistic white robes.

"I've come to kill all of you" said Shamsey in dark looming voice that sounded pretty fucking stupid but I wouldn't dare say that to him.

"What do you want" said Snake.

"I want your dead body" Shamsey responded.

"Not today" said Snake taking out his 44.m sniper rifle and shooting Shamsey dead!

Gordon Shamseys dead body lied on my carpet with blood all over us and just to be sure Snake shot him again in his left shin since that's Shamseys main weapon.

"Good thing you kill him" said me.

The robot from rocky 4 interjected and said "yeah snake it was scary how he was gonna take are dead bodies."

Then snake said "the scariest part is actual Henry took 55 minutes to log in just to write this so if you ever feel scared remember the ghost of Gordon Shamsey might come and take you!!!!!!!!!"

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