Grand Theft Koromo

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The building exploded, sending Koromo tumbling down several flights of stairs. Struggling to get to her feet, she picked up the bag of meth she stole and hauled it as the rubble rained down on city streets.

Police sirens sounded, and Koromo entered the sleek minivan. In it was Touka, devouring a bag of munchies, next to her Tomoki, Hajime, and Jun, all ready to take off. It was Touka who spoke first. "Koromo! Are the cops on are tail?"

"Yup," she answered, smuggling the bag of meth into Tomoki's arms. The sirens grew louder and Hagiyoshi, the driver of the minivan, stomped on the pedal to take the car off. It blazed through city streets, ramming through civilians and streetlights as fast as it could travel.

"YOU ARE UNDER ARREST BY INTENTS OF PURPOSES OF THE LAW!" one of the police shouted through a megaphone. "Pull over now and your lives will be spared!"

Jun grinned. "Not on my watch." Pulling out a submachine gun, she opened her window and started spraying bullets at the cops behind the van. Several of them went down, but the cars still stayed; there was tens of them.

"Faster!" Touka demanded Hagiyoshi. Suddenly, the crew heard the roar of a chopper up above.

"Holy fucking shit, a copter!" Hajime shouted. "We are so totally fucked!"

"No, we aren't!" Koromo said confidently. "Tomoki, is the RPG here?"

Tomoki nodded. "It is in the trunk." and Koromo scoured the back of the van. Opening the trunk, she climbed out, pulling the RPG behind her and aiming it at the helicopter. "Suck this, coppers!" She launched its warhead into the helicopter, obliterating the people inside it and sending it crashing down to a building, knocking it over and crushing the cop cars below.

"Yeeeeah!" Hajime shouted. "We did it!"

"I did it you stupid fucks!" Koromo cursed. And so the crew rode off into the sunset.

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