Greg's Revenge

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The whole story began in 2010. An expert Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan discovered, in his file cabinet, that he had papers from 1999 from when Diary of a Wimpy Kid was in its first stages. Back then, Jeff Kinney wanted the series geared towards a mature audience. But, unfortunately, no publisher would accept its mature content, so he made it G-rated. But here's how the story begins.

It begins when Greg decided, after years of dismay from his brothers Rodrick and Manny, to murder them. At 9 PM, he goes out and grabs a knife from his pocket, and stabs Manny with it 37 times. He then goes into his brother's room and stabs Rodrick 32 times. He then leaves with $20 and 6 pounds of heroin and escapes into the night.

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