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This is the record of what is happening in my life. I am keeping this to show that though I will be dying soon after I write this, there is proof that HE is real. Let me tell you this horrible story of this past month...

So it all started, I had been reading creepypastas all day, I had gotten a bit freaked out. That's when I saw a page called "zzgjdbf ccfe." I wondered what the hell that meant. So I clicked it. That page was fucking scary. It wasn't the normal creepypasta background or theme or anything. The page was completely red. The page said "YOU'RE NEXT." I actually laughed at that. I refreshed the page, and it said that there was no text on the page... I saw it again later, this time it said "GET RID OF YOUR KEYBOARD IF YOU WANT TO LIVE. I WILL SMASH YOUR FACE WITH IT." I refreshed again, and it was gone. 3 weeks later, I saw the page again. This time it said "YOU DIDNT LISTEN TO MY WARNINGS, ASSHOLE. I'LL SEE YOU IN 5 DAYS" I refreshed it again, and the server was down. I have been scared for almost 4 weeks, the fifth day is in 3, 2, 1, I hear my door opening... OH GOD... HES REACHING FOR ME... HE GRABBED MY HEAD... WHAT IS HE DOING... HES ABOUT TO SMASH MY FACE ON MY KEYBOAR-




WEGHWAB6UB36754U54 QXC67 I8K78











he didnt listen to my warnings. I have something to say. YOU'RE NEXT.

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