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In any city or town, go to a Toys R Us and buy a skeleton doll with real bones made by Michael Bay. If you buy this, you may not buy beautiful wood in the same cart or you will blow up. Then, go to the cash register guy and ask for a Lolskeletons doll. He will get confused about who was phone and suicide. Then, you will be attacked by Ninja Gaben who will tell you if you win Half Life 3 will be created. DONT WIN. Lose at any cost. if Half Life 3 is created the world will end. When you lose to him, you will go to the pokemon world. Rip one of your balls of and through it at a pidgey after weakening it with burning insults. Professor Oak will then run over and hit you with a ball, and you have to struggle to get out. If you don't, you'll die on Mt Silver in winter. (Snow on Mt Silver? There was always snow on Mt Silver.) Then the prince of Africa will give you 100 dollars and ask you for your bank account number. Do this, but then realize your dumb. Come to his house and beat the shit out of him. Take all his stuff and your credit card. In his house will be a box of cat shit. the box of cat shit is 666 out of 1000. Don't eat it or you'll die. Srsly.

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