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It's very interesting that Ensemble would put messages like this into the Halo games. It all started last night... I had a pal over xbox live to play halo wars with me.

That's when things got weird.

This set was different than the others. For some reason, the other A.I Players were called "あなたは死に値し". This game wasnt frickin japanese so why would that be there? And some elites got to plasma cannons. We sent out some troops in a pelican. The cannons were red, and fireing rapidly, And for some reason, the cannons had Plasma Launchers attached to them, instead of the normal plasma reapeater thing. Wait-this isnt halo reach? The pelican arrived, but the elites were dead. It looked like the elites were brutaly killed. I asked my friend if he killed em but he said "no". Then i called in a pelican to pick up the troops. Right when the last troop got inside, The screen went pitch black and my pal called and said it happened to him to. After a long 5 minuets the screen came up again, showing a destroyed evac pelican with the troops dead. It went black and showed A japanese writing. i translated it and it said: are you waiting...? Waiting for what? Who the hell did this? I clicked on A.I player 4 and i translated "You deserve death. The xbox exploded And the world exploded.

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