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So it was one boring day......... so tired and bored. But then i thought about looking in my old basement there is many secret treasures in there.I do so and oh look at its my old halo 3 game so I go downstairs to my room and pop in the game and as I do instead of halo 3 it said just halo ok so I go to matchmaking and the image behind is supposed to be master cheif standing next to an orbiter but instead it was an image of master cheif with an elites head in his hand from the elites ripped up corpse it was kind of gross.Anyways i found a player to battle with but his gamertag was just simply 666 and his gamer image was a picture of a skinned man with his eyeballs popped out and his buttcheeks opened up.Horrified i just kept playing so he was an elite and i shot him once and....... he is begging for mercy laying on the ground and his eyes were.....gazing at my gun so i shot him because it was just a game.But once done a sparkle came in his eye and OH MY GOD many images of real dead people and pictures of them being hung with their intestines and being mutilated i barfed literraly barfed.The elite got up and said something in german i believe it was ich habe ihnen jetzt witch means i have got you now he shot me then left the game he was later banned.I went to google search engine to see if other people have had times with username 666 and yes poeple say that sometimes after he said i have got you now there post gets banned and they are killed in real life.I was the lucky one. I WAS

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