Hank Hill Gets Kicked Up A Notch

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If you never watched the show King of the hill it was a show that was from the creators of Beavis and Butthead. The show is about a man who lives with his family in Texas, His wife Peggy who is a Spanish Teacher and his son Bobby who is a student who goes to middle school, and their dog Ladybug who sits at home doing nothing. Bobby is not real good at defending himself so he uses one attack, Kicking people in the crotch.

One day Bobby Kicked Hank Hill in the crotch and Hank Hill screamed in pain, Hank Hill passed out and bobby has turned himself into a criminal. Bobby did not know what to do so he told Ladybug to dig a hole in the back yard. Bobby carried Hank hill in his arms, Bobby did not have so much mussel but more fat so it was hard for him to carry his dad to a hole. Once Bobby got to the hole he dropped his Dad straight in head first so no one would see. Bobby digged the hole in and pattend the dirt down. Peggy just came back from work after having her 1,000th meeting about bullying, Bobby was scared when he heard his moms foot steps coming tords him.

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