Hannah Montana: Lost Episode

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Once upon a time, I was watching Hannah Montana with my sister on Disney Channel. When the show came on, she had a huge orgasm, so I had to watch her to make sure she didn't eat the cat again. Anyways, when the show came on the title card was "Hannah Montana, several years later" I was like, "Lol wut" but my sister started orgasming, so I ignored it and went to get a plunger. After that was fixed, the show started playing, but there was no sound. I thought this was a gift from god, since she sucks so much, but the audio picked up soon after. Miley went into her house, and then a bunch of static popped out and some text saying "Several Years Later" popped out. Then, it showed the Miley I still have nightmares about today. In this flash forward, she was a twerking, drugged up whore, who liked to shake her ass with a foam finger or some shit in front of people. Then, she went on to have hawt butt sex with a wrecking ball. I would have watched further, but I already threw my remote throught the TV. My sister immediately flipped out and a few gallons of blood flew out of her vagina and she died. After a few years, I watched the VMAs and that one video, and I realized the episode was right all along! So the moral of the story is always to trust random crap you see on TV that looks haunted. 

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