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As you know, Happy Appy spinoffs are a little bit bad. Also, that 'little bit bad' part on that last sentence was a huge lie. So, let's take the piss out of them and create spinoffs that could actually happen in the future. The spinoffs don't even have to star Happy Appy. You can make one on Forenzik, Gerasim, Danny, or that Gina girl. Just make sure the person you make fun of actually appeared on the pasta or its three sequels, alright?


Happy Appy Gets Appabeetus.

Happy Appy crosses over with Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon (it actually did happen near the end of the pasta's ruining by fans, I shit you not)

Happy Appy gets remade in MS Paint and GoAnimate by all of the under-13 fans of the pasta, and Forenzik kills them all.

Forenzik hijacks The Hub and replaces the episode of MLP with Happy ONLY killing the Appaloosan ponies.

Gerasim plays Winnie the Pooh Home Run Derby

Happy Appy plays with a Slap-Chop

Happy Appy meets The Annoying Orange

Happy Appy vs. Jeff the Killer

Happy Appy vs. the ALASKAN BULL WORM

Happy Appy Becomes Worm Jeff's Dinner

Forenzik survives a execution squad, being ran over by a tank, a nuclear bomb, and the Big Crunch

Happy Appy Applies for Art School; Is Promptly Rejected

Happy Appy Goes to the Grocery Store and Is Mistaken for Produce

Happy Appy Does Dallas

Forenzik vs. Predator

Happy Appy and the Quest for the Golden Apple 2: Even Goldier

Happy Appy and Spongebob in Underwater Fruitcake

Happy Appy vs. The Skin Taker

Happy Appy Lays Eggs In Your Ear

Happy Appy Is Eaten By Slug Hoody And Slug Masky

Happy Appy Gets Baked Into A Pie

Miranda's Ghost Haunts Nickelodeon

Happy Appy Exfoilates


Forenzik's Butt Is Haunted

Happy Appy Season 5: Seed of Happy Appy (I really hope someone gets this, there's like three jokes in here...)

Happy Appy Predicts the Fiscal Cliff

Gerasim and Forenzik's Blind Date

The Happy Appy Rappy Time Show

Happy Appy Moves to Disney Channel; Promptly Commits Seppuku

Forenzik Roasting On An Open Fire

Happy Appy's Unbirthing Fetish (do NOT google that, I beg you)

Happy Appy vs. Crappy Appy

Happy Appy Gets Trapped In A POPstation

The Happy Appy Show! Starring Pauly Shore and Steven Baldwin!

Gerasim Ships Forenzik And Happy Appy As An Act Of Revenge

Forenzik Opens Page After Janurary 15th, Kills Admins For Trying To Lock It.

Happy Appy meets Woll Smoth, becomes Hoppy Oppy

Happy Appy is sold in a Supermarket

Happy Appy Gets Mouth Surgery

Happy Appy Sees Street Whore, Discovers He Has A Big Shlong Stick

Happy Appy Gets Kicked Off of Disney Channel for having A Funny Show

Forenzik doesn't find any murder clues

Danny pukes up Denny's Grand Slam

Happy gets juiced and becomes Sad Applejuice

Forenzik gets cut into thirds and still survives

Happy gets eaten by a fat Bulbasaur

The author of the previous story gets beaten to death by fat Charmander fetishists.

Forenzik vs. The Rake



Happy Appy listens to the Lavender Town music and commits seppuku

Happy Appy eats a taco with shit.

Happy Appy gets diarrhea

Happy Appy watches Drake & Josh because iCarly sucks

Forenzik develops a crush for Gerasim

Gerasim cheats on Tomoko hashimotalog WHATEVER THE FUCK HER NAME IS

Happy Appy 4: Gerasim's Weird Fetish

Happy Appy watches Squidward's Suicide

Happy Appy sees that the Happy Appy wiki Got vandalized

Happy Appy becomes a pimp

Happy Appy watches raywilliamjohnson. Sends Forenzik to kill him

Happy Appy watches Smosh. Gets addicted and dies

Happy Appy eats dog food

Happy Appy fails to cover his boner

Happy Appy gets eaten by a dog

Happy Appy breaks his dick stick, then eats it

Happy Appy finds out we made this page to make fun of him

Forenzik dresses up as a woman to attract Gerasim. Walks into an dark alley. Gets beaten up by hobos

Happy Appy 6: Freddrick doesn't even give a shit anymore

Happy Appy's keyboard broke so he has to write like this: My K3ib0rd Br03k

Happy Appy Fucks Himself With A Cactus

Happy Appy sticks a cactus in is asshole

Happy Appy is Love

Happy Appy is Life

Happy Appy becomes butthurt on the Creepypasta wiki

Happy Appy finds out that there is no porn of himself

Happy Appy watches gay porn

Happy Appy watches 2 girls one cup

Forenzik's Sexy Suspender Striptease

Happy Appy adopts the Happy Appy wiki

Happy Appy adopts the Trollpasta wiki

Happy Appy adopts the Creepypasta wiki

Happy Appy is Happy Appy in Happy Appy the Movie: Happy Appy is Happy Appy. 

Happy Appy Gets a Master's Degree in Wumbology

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