Haunted Enchiladas

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It was lunch time and I was hungry. I waited the long line right behind a bunch of fat kids to get my lunch. Once I got to the front, I saw one enchilada left.

"Miss, can I have that?" I asked the big ugly lunchlady.

"Sure you can. Good luck." She gives off a smile showing her nasty yellow teeth.

"Good luck?" I questioned myself but then shook it off.

"Dumb bitch." I remarked.

I got to my table where all my outcast reject assholes were. I sat down and noticed a horrible stench in air, even my idiot friends noticed. It was my enchilada giving that disgusting smell.

"Are you actually going to eat that?!" One of my bitch friends said.

"Shut the fuck up! I'll eat what I want." I snapped back.

I did the unthinkable and shoved a chunk of enchilada into my mouth. Big mistake, the taste was so horrible it made my soul cry. I gagged and vomited all over my friend that was sitting right to me.

"DUDE! WTF!" My asshole friend yelled in anger.

I ran to the water fountain and tried to rid the agonizing taste in my mouth but it was futile. I ran to the nurse vomiting on every kid and teacher in my path. Once I got to the nurse, she immediately sent me home. My mom picked me up from school carrying trash bags to vomit in.

On the way the back to my house, I filled the trash bag and then exploded in the car. My mom screamed and I heard a loud booming voice, "YOU ARE DOOMED!"

I thought it was the wind so I ignored it.

Once we got to my house and cleaned up the vomit, I was sent to bed. I had massive violent super uber diarrhea that lasted for hours. While in the restroom, feeling the liquified shit gushing out of my asshole; I got a text message that said:

"You shouldn't have done that."

I thought "OMG BEN" and then I started shitting bricks that broke the toilet letting all my shit pour over the floor.

After that, I started to feel better so I got my computer and started fapping to porn. While watching "10 guys, one ass" It started showing pictures of mutilated enchiladas and a demonic voice saying, "YOUR END IS NEAR!"

I got so scared that I jumped out the window.

I woke up in a hospital bed and the doctor walks in the room.

"You're a stupid ass motherfucker for jumping out the window." The doctor snared.

I responded back, "Go fuck yourself and go suck a dick."

"You know what! I will!" The gay doctor said with pride as he walked out the room with a male nurse.

Once I and my mom left the hospital, I asked her:

"What are we having for dinner?"

She replied, "Enchiladas."

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Written by Sloshedtrain
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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