Haunted Gaming Lost Episode

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The Photo of Mutahar.

I used to love SomeOrdinaryGamer's Haunted Gaming Episodes... but not anymore...

It was a regular summer night. I was lying in bed, reading some creepy pastas and they really got me in the mood to watch some Haunted Gaming! So I went onto YouTube looked in my subscription box and found a new Haunted Gaming video! It was really weird though it was called "HauntedGaming.exe" I Thought this was just a playthrough of some fan game, but it wasn't it was a 10 second video of Mutahar saying "Download the file" So I checked the description and there was a link to a file called "YSHDT.exe" I Downloaded and opened the file and a pixelated Mutahar appeared with his eyes bleeding HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD and he screamed and it sounded EXTREMELY REALISTIC! Then Sonic.exe came up and I played it! Instead of the "I Am God" Screen at the end, it was Mutahar but it was only his head.

His body appeared and started spinning around then- actually let's skip this, it'll just turn into a slasher story!

So after Mutahar was finished doing what ever your imagination can conjure (Giggidy) he jumped out of my laptop and started floating about! He then grabbed me by the collar and said "HEY GUYS IT'S MUTAHAR AND YOU'RE GOING TO DIE FUCKER!" I was so scared but he let me go and I have lots of nightmare now.

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