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One day, I was sitting in my room watching TV. Then all of a sudden, a wild ad appears. It was an advertisement for A new Game & Watch Series! It was called the "Blood Series". Well, it WAS in October when I saw the ad, and the games looked Halloween-ish. Here is the list of them, all 3:

  • Vampire
  • Castle
  • Chamber

All just generic titles. They where $7.99 each. So, at some day I forget which day I picked the whole series up. The boxes where in the same classic style, as well as the inserts and instruction manuals. What is cool is all the games had this red dyed metal plating to the front and the LCD "pixels" where red instead of black.

The first one I tried was "Vampire". In this game, I was controling the generic big head, big nosed Mr. G&W looking dude. He was holding a flashlight. There are 3 buttons on the unit. 2 to move left and right through the outside of a castle, and 1 to shine my flashlight which made a rapid beeping noise for some reason. The objective is to move left and right to avoid 4 colums (5 in game B) of bats as well as shining your flashlight to find keys. So, it is kinda like "Helmet" on steriods.

I picked up a few keys then a vampire, supposedly Dracula, appeard. He looked, again, like the generic Mr G&W guy. But he had sharp teeth and a poorly drawn cape (bugt waddaya expect?). I found out I can shine the flashlight to keep him away. But the range was short and he would just back up a frame or 2 then swoop in again. When he got me, something horrifying happened. Realisticly drawn guts flew out of my character and blood was all over the place! Then, bats swooped down and ate his flesh leaving bare bones.

I shut off the system in disbelief.

Next is "Castle". I should not have to say where the game takes place. I controlled a dude with those weird, sheerly disturbing bar-like teeth. And he had eyes. And I had to menuver through this castle in a platform genre. In fact, it was just a clone of the widescreen series "G&W Super Mario Bros"! So, I played on and on, jumping over pits and such and killing the occasional skeleton. I heard the console hiss at me then I threw it on the ground.

"Chamber" would not start up. Whenever i reseted it, it just spat blood at me!

I took "Castle" and "Chamber" back to the store and showed and told what happened. They immediately called Nintendo but, Nintendo said they had nothing to do with it.

Written by LovelySweetDreamer‎
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