Haunted Mario

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So, I wanted to play Mario.



So, I went to a garage sale and picked it up.

I asked the owner how much it would cost.


I was like, "Well, shit. Okay."

I went Home and put it into my NES.

But when I put it on, I heard the Mario theme song in reverse..

THIS WAS CREEPY, I thought to myself.

And when I started, I jumped on a Goomba.

I heard bones crackling, and guts came out of him.

And, I was all like, "Oh, no. Guts."

Guts are scary.

I was depressed, but kept going.

For no reason.

There was no viable answer to why the game was acting like this.

'Probably just a glitch.

So, I went to the flag pole, but when I jumped for it, Mario was impaled.

And sliding down the pole while the victory music played in reverse.

It was distorted.

Then Mario choked and coughed blood and died.

And I was like, "Oh, no. What have I done?"

In a state of depression and what my Doctors call Retardation, I went into the bathroom with the gun I kept on the counter.

And shot myself in the head.

And I am typing this as a ghost.

True story.

The end.

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