Haunted house.

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when i was little boy i saw a haunted hous that i wanted to come inside of. i drove there after i saw the haunted hous. the doors slamed after i came in the bathroom. the house was very expensiv and had a tv on top of a tv. then skeletans come from the kitchen. i picked up a stick and knocked them unconsious. then i wenty downstares and saw i dead corpese. he said i got a sandwhich under the couch and smelled it. then i went in the bathroom and the toilot came alive. i took Plunger and Plunged the toilot to death. then i turn on the tv and it showed me dieing. then i went in the hallway and saw my brother. i could not believe it because my brother dyed in a freak banana peel acident. so then i punced him so hard that his shirt came off and was actually a woman. she said you should have died that day. i said NO. she said yes. then i soiled my diaper. she throw a rock at me then i walked and triped on it. wait i have the sandwhich. so i bite then i throw the sand which at her and she drop dead. then climb up steres and i saw my boat in attic. MY BOat! then a snake come from the war room. the snake ate me. i need to get out or i will be digested. i walk out of snake mouth and i throw the snake out of window into trash compactor. i took my boat and i ride it out of house into my home where i m safe. oh no there coming oh no gunshot gunshot stab stab die die

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