He Has No Skin

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Idaho State Police Officials have investigated yet another brutal murder in the remote area known to locals as Freak Alley. Over past two months, three previous cases occurred. All with the woman stabbed once in the abdomen, and the male, assumed to be the boyfriend of the female, was brutally skinned alive. Police aren't releasing the names of the victims to protect the identities of the deceased but do advise that locals remain indoors at all times until the killer is found.

It all started in the year 1999. Young Jack was known everywhere in the city of Nampa. He had it all. Good looks, great personality, an athletic body, a good sense of humor, and a charming smile that won the attention of many women around him. Not a single woman could resist his charm. In fact none of the women who he was with resented him when he brought up the subject of moving from them to the next woman.

It wasn't long before Jack dated every single woman available in the area. Yet he wasn't satisfied. Once he slept with every woman in his hometown he moved on to the next town over and repeated the process.

There in the city of Boise, while searching for women he spotted a young lady and approached her. "Hello, Mi-" Jack stopped in his tracks. His voice caught in his throat as the woman turned around to face him.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen! Her vibrant green eyes stared right at, eyes that showed wit and intelligence. Her long chestnut brown hair flowed down the middle of her back in thick curls. "Oh hello." she greeted him with a smile. "I was just getting some coffee. Would you like to join me?"

"I would like that very much, madam." Replied Jack with a smirk. He grabbed her hand and pressed it gently to his lips. "Call me Jack."

The female giggled, a rosy pink formed on her fair cheeks. "My. Quite a charmer aren't you? My name is Glenda. Its nice to meet you, Jack."

Tom stood there in silence for a moment, staring into Glenda's eyes. A warm feeling rose from his stomach and to his heart. Something about this woman made him feel weird. She was different. Somehow she was different from all the other women he dated before her. Finally he asked.

"If you aren't seeing anyone else, would you like to go out with me?"

That question left them both in silence with red blushes dusting their cheeks but then she nodded.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months that the two dated. Jack had no thoughts about seeing another woman nor did he try to leave town. On one Saturday night, Jack pulled up to Glenda's house in his car and Glenda climbed into the passenger seat.

"You are looking marvelous tonight, my dear." Said Jack with that seductive smirk of his.

"Why thank you, Jack." She leaned over to his side and planted a kiss upon his cheek.

"Shall we go somewhere private? I know of place most people don't visit too often."

"I would like that very much."

That was all that was needed for Jack. He turned his attention back to the windshield drove off. Jack and Glenda went to dinner at her favorite restaurant, then after they ate, he took her to Freak Alley. Conveniently, Jack's car was the only one in the secluded area that evening.

Before too long, events between the two lovers got hot and heavy in the backseat of his car. Jack climbed on top of his girlfriend and started making out with her. But the event didn't last for long.

That's when the door was ripped open.

"Oh no," Glenda cried, "It's my husband!"

"That's right, you dirty #&%$! And I'm about to teach you and that pretty boy a lesson you'll never forget." replied the husband.

As he yanked Glenda out of the car by her hair, moonlight glinted off the blade of his hunting knife. Strengthened by his rage, the jealous husband thrust the long blade into the girl's stomach, gave a violent twist, and ripped the blade out before tossing her aside to die. He grinned maliciously at Jack.

"You're next, Pretty Boy!"

Jack scrambled to the other side of the car while begging for his life.

"Don't hurt me!" Jack pleaded. "I swear to God I didn't know she was married!" But the wronged husband didn't listen. He grabbed Jack by the boy's ankles and dragged him out of the car, still bearing a sadistic grin upon his angry face.

"Please, don't kill me. Don't stab me!" Jack continued to plea.

"Stab you? No, you rotten bastard! That would be too good for you!"

With that, the man plunged the knife into Jack's abdomin and deftly skinned him alive right there on the spot. Blood poured out of the muscles being exposed from the skin being ripped from Jack's body, yet his screams went unheard in the night.

When the husband had flayed the last of Tom's flesh from his body, he walked away from the bloody corpse and went to town where he turned himself in to the police.

When the police arrived at the crime scene, they found the woman, who was miraculously still alive. But Jack was nowhere to be found.

Locals still say he hangs around the woods of Sanctuary at night, waiting to catch an unsuspecting couple wandering into the area.

He's described as a bloody skeleton carrying the knife he himself was skinned with. All the teenagers around here grow up hearing "Don't go to the woods. If you don't want to be Skinless Jack's next victim."

So if you are looking for a nice secluded spot to be alone with your lover just remember. Stay clear of the woods.

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