Hell hath no fury

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Just a warning If there is any bad grammar that is because I just got back from Sweeden I am a former Navy SEAL and I can tell you nothing is scarier than war exept this story

One day I was driving home and I noticed something in the bushes moving. I parked my car unholsterd my gun

Cause im in America. I shouted "Whos there!?" there was no answer I then said "Dont worry Im with you"

I closed in on it and something jumped out looking like this.

It was the creepiest thing ever so much that I shot it four or five times.

Then my head pounded and I felt like I was being manipulated.

It told me to walk down the path. I saw many bodies I called the police.

When they arrived something like this was visible

nothing would be able to cure my pains.

Just then it jumped out and tore a Police officer apart

We shot it. It was futile.

I am the only survivor

A man jumped out and he had a gun. He tried to shoot but  a cop shot first.

He was put in hospital his face  a clear palet

coverd in blood he has no feel

exept for pain

he wants to show

he killed

he slaughtered

he only does what others do to him

this is what the dead feel

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