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Hello.. My Name is Raven. I have The most Amazing Life Ever! Or so I thought.. Well lets just start from the Beginning shall we? It was the year 2011, I was a simple girl who loved Red. Oh I was 13 at this time. I watched a lot of scary movies. Even the stupid ones. I loved blood and gore. Starting at the age of fourteen I began a obsession with cutting my thighs, and wrists. I loved the pain. I go deeper and deeper. Then I got into Creepypasta. Jeff, Jane and others Jeff The Killer was my idol. By the time I turned eighteen I moved out of the house and got a apartment, I have gotten a boyfriend at this time. Well here is where we stop. This is where my story begins...  "Babe stop reading those creepy-pastas and come watch this movie" My boyfriend ranted. "Not now, it's just getting interesting" I reply. He sighs "Ok..." After a hour I finished. "Shit, I'm late!"

I grabbed my bookbag and left. I was late for class. Once I got there I realized I brought my razor.. "Crap...Oh well" I hurried to class. Mr. Turner started to scold me. "Sigh, Again Raven? That's the 10th time already!"

"Well sorry for enjoying some reading God." I yelled "Don't use that tone of voice with me!"

"I'll do as I please."  

"Well we all know the reason why you're always late, going out with some guys then getting laid"

"Excuse me? For your information, I've been with the same guy for almost 3 years and you're gonna call me a whore?"

"Pretty much."

I took out my razor and did something I don't regret. I slit his throat. I had just realized what I just did I fell to the floor. Cried. Yea, Yea I know I said I didn't regret it but I kinda was traumatized... I touched the blood and put a hand print on my white sweat shirt. "This is so me" I broke out laughing. I looked at everyone else. Her, yes Her. The snottiest girl ever. I walked up to her and stabbed her in the chest. "Why?" she sobbed "Why? Because you're not perfect than everyone else yet even if I did do this you still wouldn't learn your lesson. 7 years, you picked on me."


12 students dead at Denver University, we still don't know who might of done this... But hopefully our law enforcement will get to the bottom of this..

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